Gotham Knights: Will it be Co-op?

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Gotham Knights Team

With Gotham Knights set to release next month, and details being steadily released about gameplay, fans are anxious to take aim at Gotham City's Underworld.

With a host of playable characters available, will you be able to tackle the worst of Gotham City's criminals with your friends? Let's take a look at what we know so far.

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Will Gotham Knights be Co-Op?

Although Gotham Knights features 4 playable Characters, the game will only be playable as a 2 person co-op. The story mode can be completed either solo or with a friend, or as a mixture of the two.

Gotham Knights art
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Any combination of the Characters is perfectly viable, including 2 players playing as the same character, which is rumoured to lead to an exciting Easter Egg.

The game is absolutely built with cooperation in mind, with features like team takedowns being showcased in the gameplay reveals. However, this won't impact the experience of beating the game solo.

Gotham Knights Online and Multiplayer

In a slightly strangle twist, co-op mode in Gotham Knights will only be available online. While this means local play will be off the table, it means that players will be able to search for co-op partners online.

Therefore if you're stuck trying to beat Mr. Freeze and your mates aren't around, you can just hop online to find your helping hand.

Other modes including a 4 person multiplayer have been teased, but for now, it looks like that may be off the table. Fans can only hope that more player modes will be coming further down the line in the game's cycle.

Catch the Gameplay Reveal trailer here to see the exciting features that co-op will bring to the gam, and a first look at how combat will function.


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