Tower of Fantasy: Can you change servers?

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Tower of Fantasy, the new RPG, draws plenty of comparisons with games like Genshin Impact. However, ToF is an open-world game, with multiple players simultaneously in the same world.

Like most MMOs, in Tower of Fantasy, the first crucial decision is the creation of your character and choosing which server to play. This way, you can be with your friends and a populated world that can enhance your experience.

Currently, Tower of Fantasy provides multiple servers for five regions: Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe, South America, and Southeast Asia.

But is it possible to change servers in Tower of Fantasy? Well, yes, but it comes with a price.

Servers in Tower of Fantasy

Currently, Tower of Fantasy is available on Mobile Devices and PC. However, plans to bring the game to consoles like the Xbox and PlayStation may happen shortly.

Luckily for players, ToF allows players to play their accounts on different platforms, the game offers cross-play functionality between PC and mobile, and there is cross-progression.

Gameplay in Tower of Fantasy
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Choosing the right server is a very important decision in Tower of Fantasy

However, cross-server saving is not available. It means players can only interact with the players on their server; joining guilds is close to those on the server.

So, it is essential that before taking a decision, discuss it with your friends beforehand. Because players can change servers, but it comes with a Price.

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How to change servers in Tower of Fantasy?

Before anything, let's be clear. It is possible to change servers in Tower of Fantasy. However, to change servers, players will have to lose their character.


In other words, the game progression, achievements, purchases, and all friends made in the previous will not carry to the new server. Still, it is possible to have multiple characters on different servers.

Tower of Fantasy Servers
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Server List in Tower of Fantasy divided for regions. Chose the region where you live to avoid lag.
  • Players need to enter the Main Menu Page to change servers in Tower of Fantasy.
  • Click the button with the name of the current server will open the other different servers.
  • Once players select a new server, they will be sent to the prologue scene, and a new account will be created.

Tower of Fantasy may add an option to change servers in the future, but for now, take your time in picking.

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