Blackout Rugby Is an Ambitious Sports Management MMO for PC and Mobile

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rugby blackout manager banner image

A promising new sports management game called Blackout Rugby has just landed on PC and mobile.

Developed by New Zealand studio Blackout Games, Blackout Rugby is being pitched as “the most in-depth rugby team management sim ever made”.


That’s a big claim, but probably a justified one if the rest of the blurb is anything to go by.

blackout rugby manager team lineup

Manage Your Way to Glory

In terms of gameplay, Blackout Rugby sees you managing a rugby team. Rather than moving players around on a pitch, you’re watching them from your managerial perch - switching-up tactics and all that jazz.


Thankfully, the game’s cutting-edge match engine makes this process intuitive and natural. How? By displaying all of the action in 3D, and giving each player their own unique avatar.

But the real meat of the game is to be found off the pitch. Managing a rugby club is a fabulously complicated task, and Blackout Rugby expects you to be across all of it.

You’ll need to manage player injuries and contract negotiations, recruit new players, cultivate new talent through the youth academy, deal with sponsors, and oversee the maintenance and expansion of your facilities.


Build Your Legacy

Blackout Rugby sees you doing things it probably hasn’t occurred to you a rugby club manager has to deal with, such as erecting statues to popular ex-players and maintaining a studio space for press conferences.

But you’ll also have to take care of the more meat and potatoes stuff like training and tactics.

blackout rugby manager player cards screenshot

There are more than 20 different training session types to put your players through, as well as variables like lineout target, ruck commitment, and more to tweak in preparation for the next big game.

Plus, Blackout Rugby is an MMO. That means your opponents will include other players from around the world. It also means you’ll be able to join forces with your friends, joining a clan to earn extra rewards.

All in all, Blackout Rugby looks like a solid addition to the sports management genre.

Check it out for yourself on Steam, the Play Store, or the App Store.