The Connection Between FIFA and Casino Games: A Gamification Analysis

The connection between FIFA and Casino Games

Casino games come in various shapes and sizes. The reason is obvious, retail and online casinos want to attract players with various interests. Given how football is the most popular sport in the world, it’s obvious that huge corporations like FIFA and football would serve as inspiration for some games. But that’s not all, companies go above and beyond to find more users. That’s why many online casinos get into partnerships with big football clubs. Others base their exclusive promos around FIFA events. You’ll find these types of promos at same-day withdrawal online casinos, which feature payment methods that allow withdrawals in a matter of hours. That way, people can have their winnings in their bank accounts quickly. If you’re interested in learning more about the connection between FIFA and casino games, keep reading. In this article, we’ll go into more detail about this strong connection.

Football-Themed Casino Games

The most obvious way in which casino games receive attention from players with different types of backgrounds is through themes. There are online casino games today based on any theme that you can imagine. Therefore, it’s no surprise that football is one of the most popular themes in the casino section.

FIFA and the popularity of the World Cup had a big influence in inspiring this theme. All football fans enjoy spinning the reels of games that are directly connected to their favourite sport. The most interesting fact is that the popularity of these games is equally everywhere around the world. Even Australians enjoy playing football-inspired pokies in the best Australian casinos. In that regard, the big organization is directly connected to the online casino world.

FIFA helped create legendary players that are known by millions around the globe. In that way, it has impacted the online casino world by being an inspiration for footballer-specific pokies. Legends like Diego Maradona were the inspiration for popular pokies. But these are not the only connections between casinos and FIFA, there’s more. Keep reading to discover.

New Games Being Created

New games are being created based on the popularity of football. Yes, there are even table games that feature football in their design and style. Gaming studios eagerly wait for the World Cup to release new titles that will attract more casino players. Those who like Blackjack can enjoy Soccer Premium Blackjack across all their devices.

Additionally, even scratchcard fans can get a piece of the action with the Ultimate Soccer Scratch series. It’s a unique way to experience already popular genres. But it doesn’t stop there. There are even live casino games inspired by FIFA. Football Studio Dice is the perfect example. Football fans can potentially win money when they play online casinos for real money that offer this live casino title. The game is simple, as players get to place their bets on who will win and roll the dice. The outcome is completely based on luck, keeping the whole experience very exciting.

But that’s not all. As crash games are becoming more popular, you can even find football variants available. Therefore, FIFA games have become part of every section of the casino.

Online gambling sites offer various promos to attract players. Right around the World Cup, many promotions include casino games. For example, players might get a bonus bet on the World Cup if they wager a certain amount of money on a specific pokie. Additionally, brands might organize pokie races and tournaments with the final prizes, including tickets to special FIFA games and other similar rewards related to the World Cup. That’s another big way in which FIFA is connected to online casino games. But there’s more.

The Connection Between FIFA and Casino Games: A Gamification Analysis
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Football Video Games

The Gamification Element Adopted from Casino Games

FIFA is among the most popular video games that you can play with your friends. Even though there are several competitors, FIFA keeps inventing new ways of keeping things interesting. Aside from being an inspiration for many casino games, it, too, has adopted some elements from the casino world. People can unlock special star icons through SBC, but more importantly, they can open loot boxes and receive collectibles. This is a practice that is extremely popular in many other games, and FIFA is no exception.

It keeps things interesting, as players can feel that adrenaline rush whenever they are opening a new loot box. Even though this practice was not received well in some European countries, the developers behind FIFA kept loot boxes in the latest iterations of the game.


There is a two-way connection between FIFA and online casino games. That’s not a surprise because football is the most popular sport out there. The interesting part is that FIFA is not only serving as an inspiration for online casino titles, but it’s also adopting elements from the online casino industry to keep things more interesting. Introducing loot boxes is one of the best ways to keep players more entertained and to motivate them to come back and play a game. It adds another dimension to the game, making it more interesting.

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