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When do the NBA Finals start 2022?

The 2022 NBA Playoffs are just around the corner, as the top 16 sides in the competition fight for the honour of being named the 2022 NBA Champions.

The NBA Play-In tournament will begin on Tuesday (April 15th), before the NBA Playoffs get underway on Saturday, April 16th.

There will be four rounds of competition in both the Eastern and Western conferences, with the winner from each coming head-to-head in the 2022 NBA Finals.

Here is everything that you need to know about the NBA Finals dates this year.

When do the 2022 NBA Finals start?

The 2022 NBA Finals will begin on Thursday, 2nd June, with the higher-seeded side taking the home-court advantage.

The top seed will retain home-court advantage for Game 2, which will take place three days later on Sunday, June 5th

Game 3 (June 8th) and Game 4 (June 10th) will take place at the home of the lower-seeded side, with up to three more games to be played if necessary.

2022 NBA Finals schedule

The full NBA Finals schedule for 2022 is as follows, the higher-rated seed will have home advantage for the games in bold.

  • June 2: NBA Finals 2022 Game 1
  • June 5: NBA Finals 2022 Game 2
  • June 8: NBA Finals 2022 Game 3
  • June 10: NBA Finals 2022 Game 4
  • June 13: NBA Finals 2022 Game 5 (If necessary)
  • June 16: NBA Finals 2022 Game 6 (If necessary)
  • June 19: NBA Finals 2022 Game 7 (If necessary)

Who will contest the 2022 NBA Finals?

It will be some time before we find out exactly who will be contesting the 2022 NBA Finals, with the NBA Play-In tournament and NBA Playoffs to be navigated first.

The Phoenix Suns are the favourites to progress from the Western Conference, with Devin Booker and Chris Paul looking to go one step further than last season, when they were defeated by the Milwaukee Bucks.

The Eastern Conference is a little more complex, with the Philadelphia 76ers, Boston Celtics, Brooklyn Nets and Milwaukee Bucks amongst the favourites to make the finals this year.

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