F1 Explained - Who is the most successful team in F1?

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For those new to the sport, this may already feel like an era of dominance from Red Bull, but many teams have enjoyed sustained periods of F1 success since the championship's inception in 1950.

In this series of explainer articles, RealSport101's Harry Smith will take you through the basics of F1, whether you're new to the sport, or just looking for a refresher.

Who is the most successful team in F1 currently?

Red Bull dominated the 2022 Formula 1 season, racking up a phenomenal 759 points and winning 17 of the 22 races.

This looks to be the start of another F1 dominance era, although the impending sanctions from Red Bull's cost cap breaches will likely prevent them from running away in the development race.

Here are the 2023 F1 teams in order of race wins:

  • Ferrari - 243 race wins (16 WDCs)
  • McLaren - 183 race wins (8 WDCs)
  • Mercedes - 116 race wins (8 WDCs)
  • Williams - 114 race wins (9 WDCs)
  • Red Bull - 92 race wins (5 WDCs)
  • Alpine (formerly Renault) - 21 race wins (2 WDCs)
  • AlphaTauri - 2 race wins
  • Alfa Romeo (formerly Sauber) - 1 race win
  • Aston Martin (formerly Racing Point) - 1 race win
  • Haas - 0 race wins

Who is the most successful F1 team of all time?

The five most successful Formula 1 teams of all time are still in the sport to this date with Ferrari being out front in both race wins and Constructors' Championships.

McLaren trail Ferrari with 183 race wins with their most recent coming at the 2021 Italian Grand Prix when Daniel Ricciardo led home teammate Lando Norris for a 1-2 at Monza.

Mercedes' dominance during the 'hybrid era' sees them occupy third place on the list of the most successful F1 teams with Lewis Hamilton alone claiming 82 wins for the team since 2013.

Here are the most successful F1 teams of all time, in order of race wins:

  • Ferrari - 243 race wins
  • McLaren - 183 race wins
  • Mercedes - 116 race wins
  • Williams - 114 race wins
  • Red Bull - 92 race wins
  • Team Lotus - 79 race wins
  • Brabham - 35 race wins
  • Renault - 35 race wins
  • Benetton - 27 race wins
  • Tyrrell - 23 race wins
  • BRM - 17 race wins
  • Cooper - 16 race wins

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