Best PC games of the decade: Minecraft, Fortnite, CS:GO & more

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The PC is a real gamer's go to and this is unlikely to change in the next decade.

The past ten years has brought many amazing memories, which will only continue to grow.

There have been so many amazing PC games and picking which have been the best is hard - but here are RealSports top ten PC games of the decade

10. DOOM

Year: 2016

Developer: id Software

Both the single player half of Doom and multiplayer understands what made the 1992 original work - which is old-school run and gun mayhem.

Blood, glory and over the top cut scenes is what made Doom so incredibly successful amongst PC players.

With rewarding first person shooter mechanics, powerful weapons and the shear understanding of kill everything that moves, illustrates what id Software wanted to portray - simpleness.

9. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Year: 2011

Developer: Bethesda Game Studios

The Elder Scrolls V was not so much a game launch but rather a cultural event.It's hard to imagine the 2010's without the memes this icy adventure instilled in our bank of good memories.

Along with every log bridge, mountain and cave feeling as though it has been hand crafted, with stunning graphics.

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Skyrim retains an x-factor which makes it irresistible playable, with no elegant animations, just a cause and effect system that feels reactive and exploratory.

8. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Year: 2015

Developer: Kojima Productions

Metal Gear Solid V is a beautifully aligned stealth sandbox, with missions that are so captivating and detailed that you could play the same one over and over.

The game captivates the essence of the 2010s, with it's constant battle of social media or using the right language that suits our argument.

Oh and let's not forget about box sliding.

7. Grand Theft Auto V

Year: 2013

Developer: Rockstar Games

We all know that success is not all based on money... although when it comes to GTA V it's hard not to talk about just how successful its been.

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Selling over 90 million copies of the game and generating over $6 Billion since its launch, GTA V is the best entertainment product of this decade.

With it's huge open world city - Los Santos - and endless and lucrative delights of GTA online it's no wonder why the game was so successful.

Hopefully the 2020s bring us GTA VI.

6. Dark Souls

Year: 2011

Developer: Software

Dark Souls has had a superficial influence everywhere with other games happily incorporating the bonfire theme or the way it deals with death.

Progress, failure, growth, resolve and reward is at the heart of Dark Souls which is what makes it so thrilling yet addicting to play.

The tingles you get across your body when you look across Lordran and see just how far you have come, makes you realise what games are made for.

5. Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Year: 2012

Developer: Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment

CS:GO is now at the heart of PC Esports, with its simple and captivating tactical game play. Objective - defend or attack the bomb.

The first person shooter with two opposing teams, known as Terrorists and the Counter-Terrorists, allows for competition to thrive.

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This coupled with in depth customisation though obtainable weapon skins which can then be sold for real money on Steam was a whole new aspect for players to mess around with.

4. Overwatch

Year: 2016

Developer: Blizzard Entertainment

The vibrant team-based shooter set on a near-future earth, holds intense 6v6 battles between a cast of unique heroes, which each have their own abilities.

With the endless options to explore different maps, characters and weapons, players are never bored. Not to forget, its hugely competitive and massive in the Esports scene.

With strategy's in place, you and your team can set the target of being the best.

3. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Year: 2015

Developer: CD Projekt

The Witcher 3 is as deep and dense as its other two predecessors. With its  overwhelmingly massive open-world environment and intimidating challenges, players had endless fun.

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The huge tangential action RPG in a dark fantasy setting, gave players hour and hours of countless fun.

With excellent audio, graphics and endless possibilities, this was a PC gamers dream.

2. Fortnite

Year: 2017

Developers: Epic Games

Fortnite was always going to be near the top of this list. Its simplicity, funny moments, competitiveness and silly mechanics make this weird and beautiful game amazing.

When Lady Gaga is asking what Fortnite is on Twitter, you begin to find out just how successful a game is.

Fortnite Battle Royale has a forever evolving nature, which is the reason why it never becomes stale.

Throw in the live destruction of the OG map and days of genuine down time before Chapter 2, Epic Games really have captivated their audience.

1. Minecraft

Year: 2011

Developer: Mojang

The foundation of some of the most successful Youtube careers were laid here in this world of Minecraft.

Minecraft highlighted how indie games with simple graphics could become one of the most successful genres out there.

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Minecraft, although it looks simple, takes players back to the stone age, where you have to figure out how to cook food, create shelter and progress through life's ranks.

So there you have it. RealSports top 10 PC games of the decade. Let us know down below whether you feel any games should have been included!

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