RealTech: Glorious GMNK 60% Keyboard Review: A solid contender for the PC gaming community

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Glorious PC Gaming Race is perhaps one of the biggest risers in the gaming industry over the last few years. From stellar mousepads to gaming mice, we now turn our attention to their keyboards.

Glorious currently has one line of keyboards for sale, the GMNK; you can purchase this board in a wide array of lengths and with whatever switches you want.

For this review, we took a look at the 60% GMNK equipped with their brown switches.

Let's take a look and see if Glorious has what it takes to compete with other top-of-the-line 60% boards.

Basic Info

  • 60% Keyboard
  • Price: £84.89 / $109.95
  • It can be ordered either pre-built with gateron brown switches or un-built with any switch
  • Full RGB and customisation throughout.

First Impressions

The box of the GMNK does a good job of promoting all the information you need right. The base of the keyboard itself feels sturdy, with sandblasted aluminium faceplate the secret behind this part of the keyboard.

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COMPACT - 60% keyboards are much smaller than standard ones!

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In signature Glorious fashion you also get some stickers, a product pamphlet, and some other user manuals.

They also include some spare keys in the box, including an extra escape key should you want to change out the pre-attached "Ascend" one.

The GMNK uses a braided Type-C to USB as well to power the board, which is also included.

Features and Keys

Since this is the compact edition of their GMNK series, it is going to be the smallest board out of the three.

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SAND-BLASTED - They keys have a nice coating along the top of them.

All of the keys on the GMNK Compact have some text on them that indicates they function as a different key when pressing the function key than said key.

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The RGB backlit on the GMNK is also very vibrant and prevalent, much like the other products they have really nailed this feature.

The brown switches on the GMNK offer a nice tactile feel along with the responsiveness you expect from a mechanical switch.


Versions of GMNK
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BACKLIT - The RGB on the GMNK is outstanding!

Having used TKL boards for the better half of two years, I was surprised by the transition it took to get adjusted to missing most of the media keys.

The travel time between keys is also significantly reduced compared to other keyboards, allowing for reduced movement while playing.

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The PBT Double-Shot top coat on the keys is some of the best I have used, it offers a nice polished finish and was not slick at all.



The Glorious GMNK 60% keyboard is one of the best in the market right now. In a competitive market with other vendors such as Ducky, Anne Pro 2 and Matrix; it offers a viable option compared to others.

gmmk variants
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OPTIONS - Whether you need a full-size board or a 60% one, Glorious has options

The switches along with the overall quality of the GMNK are among some of the best in the industry; perhaps the biggest difference from other keyboards.

If you are in the market for a smaller keyboard, be sure to take a look at the GMNK as you will not be disappointed.

  • Build Quality: 4.8/5
  • Switches: 4.6/5
  • Keycaps: 4.5/5
  • Overall: 4.5/5

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