Eddy Gordo Is the Latest DLC Addition to the Tekken 8 Roster

Eddy Gordo Tekken 8
Credit: Bandai

Eddy Gordo Tekken 8
Credit: Bandai

It has been known for some time that Eddy Gordo will join the Tekken 8 roster. Bandai Namco revealed its season pass plans just before the game launched, at the end of the Tekken 8 opening movie and DLC announcement.

Today, Bandai Namco has uploaded a new gameplay trailer showcasing the popular Capoeira fighter, who will be available on April 1.

Eddy Gordo is a firm fan favourite of the Tekken fanbase, making his franchise debut in Tekken 3.

In the gameplay trailer, Eddy showcases his iconic dance-fighting style and reveals four of his default styles for Tekken 8.

One of these moves, the Rage Art, creates a vortex of wind from Eddy's Capoeira dancing that reaches out and eventually traps the opponent. Eddy then finishes them off with a kick.

The trailer also shows Eddy engaging another long-time Tekken entry, Nina Williams, in a duel. The Capoeira fighter acknowledges Nina's skills, commenting that she is "merciless as ever."

The two had previously worked together as members of the Tekken Force during the events of Tekken 6.

Eddy Gordo first joined the franchise in 1997 with his appearance in the beloved Tekken 3. He was mentored by a man known as The Legendary Capoeira Master, or Grandmaster when the two met in prison.

His fighting style was unlike anything the fighting game community had ever seen. He used Afro-Brazilian Capoeira, a martial art incorporating dance, music, acrobatics, and spirituality.

Later entries in the Tekken franchise, starting with Tekken 4, would see the addition of the Grandmaster's granddaughter, Christie Monteiro, whom Eddy taught in her grandfather's style.

Eddy Gordo will be available to players who purchase the Playable Character Year 1 Pass, including three other fighters and a Kinjin avatar skin, starting on April 1. He will then be available to other players starting April 4.

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