UFC 5 Roster: All Confirmed Fighters, Latest News & Updates

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The UFC 5 roster should be filled to the brim with incredible fighters that you can enter the octagon as. We should see some new additions as well.

With additions come subtractions as some fighters might not be available when UFC 5 is officially released.

So, let's go over the UFC 5 roster and some potential additions and subtractions.

UFC 5 Roster - Fighters Revealed

Although we're still a while away from the official release date of UFC 5, we can begin to speculate who will fill the UFC 5 roster.

Plenty of fighters will be available and in UFC 4 the roster included over 50 fighters to choose from. We could see this list grow substantially larger when UFC 5 is released. This would also include legendary fighters such as Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre.

UFC 5 rosters Anderson Silva
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SPIDER SILVA: Hit the cage with one of the best in UFC history

In UFC 4, we had the roster revealed with 10 fighters at a time, starting with 41 to 50. These were released along with the UFC ratings so you also could see where the fighters were rated.

Perhaps the same could happen with the UFC 5 roster, but we'll keep you updated as more fighters are revealed.

EA Sports UFC 5 Release Date

Before the official UFC 5 roster is revealed, we'll likely learn of the official release date for the game. The idea we have is some time around mid to late August.

Earlier releases of the game have ranged from June to March to August. However, it seems as if UFC 5 will stick with the current August release.

UFC 5 Roster release date
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RELEASE DATE REVEAL: Hopefully we'll find out more about the game soon

An official announcement should come as we head into the next few months, so we'll be sure to keep you updated with all of the latest news.

Now let's cover some UFC 5 roster predictions to make the cut this year.

UFC 5 Roster Predictions


Unfortunately, the UFC 4 roster has left out a lot of players in the game even with updates that have brought more players.

This doesn't just include players in the men's division as a few women have been left out of the current roster as well. Some of these mistakes could be fixed when the UFC 5 roster comes out.

UFC 5 roster predictions
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TOP 10: These are the top ten fighters in UFC 4

One of the fighters that immediately came to mind, Umar Nurmagomedov, is one of the newest fighters that will likely make the UFC 5 roster.

Once the full roster is released, we'll start to reveal the top players and their ratings. For our expected UFC 5 ratings, follow this link.

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