First Non-Binary Valorant Agent Clove Debuts with Edinburgh Mural

Valorant Clove Edinburgh mural at night.
Credit: Riot Games

Valorant Clove Edinburgh mural at night.
Credit: Riot Games

In celebration of the release of Valorant's 25th agent, Clove, Riot Games unveiled a breathtaking mural today, in Edinburgh. Located in the heart of Leith's Old Town at the outdoor exhibition space, Quality Yard, this street art joins other impressive Scottish contemporary and street pieces.

Clove, the first new Valorant agent of 2024 and the sixth Controller, is now playable worldwide! Since their dazzling debut at VCT Masters Madrid, players have eagerly awaited the opportunity to try out Clove in-game. Their unique ability to influence the game even after death is a major draw, but equally important is Clove's representation as a non-binary character, fostering greater diversity within Valorant.

Clove's debut celebrated with bespoke mural in Edinburgh

Last week, Riot Games announced Valorant’s first non-binary agent, the Scottish native Clove. To mark their release, a prominent Edinburgh artist, Elph, was commissioned to create a bespoke mural in Leith.

Valorant Clove Edinburgh mural in daytime.
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Credit: Riot Games

The mural’s reveal drew Rioters, esports teams, and Valorant fans, with public access available from April 3rd to 30th.

"A number of players on our VALORANT teams identify as non-binary or LGBTQIA+," said Alex Fung, President of the University of Edinburgh's Eclipse Esports Society, whose Valorant team received early access to Clove. “So it feels extra special to see ourselves represented on multiple levels in the game that we love.”

Unlike traditional Controllers, Clove is an aggressive playmaker who thrives on bringing the fight to their opponents. Clove’s ultimate ability allows them to self-revive, meaning that death is just an opportunity for them.

The mural, completed by local street artist Elph, captures these themes of death and rebirth across four large canvases in the heart of Edinburgh’s creative district, Leith. The artwork even comes alive at night with stunning cinematic animated projections, giving it an ethereal presence!

Visit the mural and share photos of yourself with @VALORANTukn (Twitter) or @VALORANTukie (Instagram) for a chance to win a special Clove gift bundle!

Isla Campbell on voicing Clove

Isla Campbell, the voice-over artist behind Clove, spoke about their experience bringing the agent to life.

“Voicing Clove and working with Riot has just been the best experience. Getting to be unapologetically and authentically Scottish, not a stereotype, not overplayed, is so important and such a privilege that people like my friends who play VALORANT will hear Clove’s voice and go, “hold on that’s actually how I speak.”

“Scottish accents are a common stereotype in the media so getting to speak in my voice while putting my own little stamp on it makes the character so much more authentic, which is just great.

“I know that it’s going to make a lot of people feel seen, and that’s just an amazing feeling. I hope everyone enjoys meeting VALORANT’s new little Scottish troublemaker!”

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