AEW Fight Forever release date reportedly just weeks away

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A new report about the potential AEW Fight Forever release date has arrived and fans might be in for a surprise in the near future.

We've got details on exactly what this new report says and what it could mean for the AEW Fight Forever release date and the possibility of delays.


AEW Fight Forever release date possibly leaked in new report

Official details about the AEW Fight Forever release date remain scarce, but we could see a change on the way very soon.

Mike Straw has reported key details about WWE 2K22 and AEW Fight Forever correctly in the past, and his latest puts the spotlight on February 2023.

AEW Fight Forever
IT'S REPORTED: Nothing is official yet, but the game could be closing in

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According to Straw, "the plan was for AEW Fight Forever to launch in February, with February 7 as a date to keep an eye on" as of October.

In his attempts to reach out more recently and know when to expect the title, he's now been getting vague replies from sources telling him to "keep my eyes out."

Unfortunately, further clarity hasn't been provided and it's not yet known exactly what this means.

AEW Fight Forever could be delayed or reveals could be right around the corner

There are plenty of possibilities, but the two most likely reasons for sources to get quiet about the AEW Fight Forever release date are clear.

The first option, and the one that many fans are likely hoping for, is that February 7 may indeed be when the game will arrive.


If that AEW Fight Forever release date holds true, we're likely to get the official confirmation within the next three or four weeks at the latest.

However, the less enticing possibility is that AEW Fight Forever could be facing another internal delay as final touches are placed on the game.

With the debacle of WWE 2K20 likely fresh on the minds of all involved, they don't want to risk AEW Fight Forever being a bug-filled mess upon arrival for fans.