Braun Strowman: why he needs to become the next WWE Universal Champion

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No Mercy is a matter of weeks away and will pit two of the WWE's most imposing figures against one another as the 'Monster among men' will lock horns with the 'Beast Incarnate' in what will be one of the most physical matches in WWE history. 

Setting the stage between two monsters

The rivalry between the two goes back to last month's SummerSlam pay-per-view which saw the 380-pounder unceremoniously dump the champion through two tables in the fatal four-way main event also involving Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe.  

Now, we all know Lesnar a little bit of an anger issue and didn’t take too well to being physically dominated by the number one contender. Move forward a couple of weeks, and they are now involved in a pretty exciting rivalry, (which needs a proper build), that will pretty much end in guaranteed chaos; And with any luck, with Braun Strowman hoisting the title above his head come 24th September. 

Creating a monster for the future

If this is not the case and Strowman is defeated, I think the momentum the big man has developed over the last year or so will be an absolute waste. Yes, we understand brock is the immovable object, but what good is that without an unstoppable force? 

Braun certainly fits that mantle and is the perfect guy to defeat Brock without the champ coming across as anything but a frightening destroyer. I mean, I cannot remember anybody beating Strowman let alone dominating him, which simply adds a whole new level of excitement to this beef.  

The likes of  John Cena and the previously mentioned pair of Joe and Roman all have main event credentials in abundance, but none are seen as absolute monsters. Brock still manages to be one, and losing cleanly in a one-on-one will certainly hurt his reign of dominance as the WWE have him on that pedestal. 

You know, the one where he can show up when he wants, kick ass and continue to be dominant figure he is, without seemingly ever being destroyed.  Of course, if they want an absolute monster at the top who is actually present on a week to week basis, Braun Strowman is a much better choice. 

And while a loss to Strowman would knock Lesnar down a few pegs, it wouldn't make him any less of a threat to other competitors on the roster in future rivalries. It would simply send Strowman's credibility into the stratosphere. 

Don't mess this up

If WWE is interested in continuing on from Lesnar with a champion who is nigh on impossible to defeat, there is no one better than the former Wyatt Family member to succeed. 


Additionally, his unbelievable push will mean almost nothing if Lesnar comes out on top at No Mercy and Strowman is bumped from the immediate title picture. All that momentum ended for what seems like nothing? 

That is, of course, unless they have something special planned later down the line for the 'monster among men'. But damn, it's got to be something very special if they are to deny him the Universal Championship and make him fall in his first big singles match. 

Who do you think should walk out of No Mercy as the Universal Champion? Let us know in the comments below!

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