How to unlock finishing moves in WWE 2K23

WWE 2K23 Undertaker Kane

WWE 2K23 Undertaker Kane

WWE 2K23 has a plethora of moves superstars can perform, but none inflicts as much damage as finishing moves.

A finisher can change the momentum of a match or completely put your opponent away. It will allow you to grab many wins, so learning how to unlock it is very important.

So, let's find out how to unlock finishing moves in WWE 2K23.

How To Unlock Finishing Moves In WWE 2K23

As mentioned above, players can perform plenty of moves in WWE 2K23.

Some are harder to execute than others, but all of them have one goal: to inflict damage on the opponent.

Players can use light attacks, heavy attacks, and combine both to create combo moves.

There are also moves you can only perform outside of the ring, from the top corner, or when your opponent is grounded.

Grappling an opponent will also allow you to choose from a wide variety of moves your superstar can perform.

How To Unlock Finishing Moves In WWE 2K23
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Brock Lesnar performing his devastating finisher on Rey Mysterio

However, none of these moves will inflict more damage, and get you closer to winning the match than your finisher.

So, unlocking your finisher as fast as possible is very important in WWE 2K23.

To unlock your finishing move, you will need to fill up the finisher meter.

You will be able to fill the finisher meter by performing moves and taunting.

After doing that, you will gain your signature move and your finishing move.

Performing your signature before your finisher is advised. Your signature move is the second strongest weapon in your arsenal, only behind your finisher.

When you have your finisher move, press R2 + Square on PlayStation, or RT + A on Xbox to perform it.

How To Unlock Finishing Moves In WWE 2K23
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Undertaker chokeslam is one of the most iconic finishers in WWE history

Be aware that some finishers can only be performed from a certain position.

So, be sure to check the moves tab in the pauses menu. There, you will get all the information necessary about your superstar finishing moves. ~

Performing a finisher on an opponent will let him in big trouble.

By capitalizing on your finisher and going for the pin straight away, you will more often than not secure the win.

WWE 2K23 Controls

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There have been some major changes in the controls for WWE games in recent years, with WWE 2K22 introducing a host of changes.

With combos firmly embedded and a host of different buttons to get your head around, our controls guide is the perfect place to get you started.

How To Unlock Finishing Moves In WWE 2K23
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TOE TO TOE - Take to the ring with your favourite superstars

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