Impact Wrestling Results and Recap: International competition (October 26, 2017)

The enemy of my enemy is my friend but still my enemy

After a lack of cohesion cost Ethan Carter III and James Storm a match last week in the Crash Promotion, this week it was their counterparts. El Texano and El Hijo del Fantasma failed to work together. Texano pulled Fantasma off the mat as he was running the ropes and then pushed the masked luchador (Fantasma) out of a pin situation. It would lead to Fantasma eating a Last Call super kick from James Storm. 

While it seems Storm and EC3 might have been on that same page on that night, Texano and Fantasma were not. The story will surely develop in Mexico, it remains to be seen how much we will see on Impact, and whether or not this will continue going into Bound for Glory.

One of the problems

Impact, since its days under the TNA banner, has never been a show where smart decisions are made. Impact made two mistakes in this show. 

For starters, they are making their own company, at least their on-screen authority figures, look like a bunch of screaming nothings. The fact that Dutch Mantell AND Jim Cornette cannot get Eli Drake to do a simple 45 second interview with Mackenzie Mitchell is equal parts shocking and saddening.

Secondly, not showing the entire match between Eddie Edwards and Marufuji is a crime. They were leaps and bounds ahead of the best match that has been on Impact in months. That some of the match was cut was bad enough, but to have Jeremy Borash and Josh Matthews record their own commentary, was insult to injury.

One of the good things

When a storyline or promo doesn’t work, especially right away, promotions pull the plug. However, when a program needs some time to build and grow to begin to make sense, most nowadays won’t give it a chance. One good thing about Impact being as small as it is, is that a program like the American Top Team stealing Lashley from Impact can be given time to grow.

I was not a fan of ATT coming into Impact. Now, it is one of the hottest angles in the company, and I am genuinely excited to see King Mo and Bobby Lashley face Moose and Stephan Bonnar. Impact did a good thing by sticking with this and letting it grow. Now, at Bound for Glory, this match will be in Six Sides of Steel.

Quick Hits

One show, four locations, at least it isn’t two hours in the Impact Zone.

Seeing Dutch Mantell and Jim Cornette work together amicably, is odd.

The show of respect between Eddie Edwards and Marufuji was a nice ending to a beautiful match.

Card Recap:

  • James Storm and Ethan Carter III def. El Hijo del Fantasma and El Texano via pinfall in Irapuatu, Mexico, in the Crash Promotion 3 STARS
  • oVe! def. Phil Atlas and Brent Banks via pinfall in Windsor, Ontario, Canada in the Border City Wrestling Association to retain the Impact Tag Team Titles 2 STARS
  • Eddie Edwards def. Marufuji via pinfall to retain the GHC Heavyweight Championship in Pro Wrestling NOAH in Tokyo, Japan 4 STARS
  • Petey Williams def. Idris Abraham, TARIK, and Kaito Kiyomiya via pinfall in Windsor, Ontario, Canada in the Border City Wrestling Association 3 STARS
  • Johnny Impact and Garza Jr def. Chris Adonis and Eli Drake via pinfall 2.5 STARS
  • Trevor Lee def. Ultimo Ninja via pinfall in Tijuana, Mexico in the Crash Promotion to retain the X Division Championship 2.5 STARS
  • Moose def. Bobby Lashley via disqualification 2.5 STARS

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