Ladies Night Out II: All Women's Invitational (recap and results)

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(Photo credit: Patches Chance)

With the continued evolution of women's wrestling, more and more independent promotions are putting a spotlight on the independent scene's best female wrestlers. Reality of Wrestling is no different as they partnered with Title Match Wrestling once again on May 19, 2018 to present Ladies Night Out II. With big clashes like Lucha Underground's Ivelisse taking on Impact Wrestling's Kiera Hogan and a four woman tournament to crown a new number one contender for the ROW Diamonds Championship, there was no shortage of talent in Texas City's World Gym Arena. 

You can watch Ladies Night Out II in its entirety on Title Match Wrestling Network.

Lucha Underground vs Impact Wrestling

Going into the night, one of the most highly anticipated matches featured Lucha Underground's Ivelisse against Impact Wrestling's Kiera Hogan. With the two companies beginning to cross paths back at WrestleCon during WrestleMania weekend, this was already a heated clash with both talents carrying the reputation of their home promotions. 

Ivelisse showed her trademark ruthlessness from the outset, and was clearly confident going up against the less experienced "Girl On Fire." While Ivelisse hit several high impact moves, Hogan showed her own technical skill by going toe to toe in the ground game. The veteran instincts of Ivelisse quickly showed as she caught Hogan with the apron and began beating down on her. After more back and forth action, the two competitors spilled to the outside once again. 

The referee continued to count, but neither competitor seemed to care. Before long, the bell sounded and a double countout was declared. That didn't stop the action though as Hogan and Ivelisse brawled up the entrance ramp and onto the stage. Just before Kiera went flying off the stage onto Ivelisse, Sharmell came out to put a stop to the chaos. Since there was clearly unfinished business, Sharmell announced that Ivelisse and Kiera Hogan would face off again at Ladies Night Out III, but the next clash will be in a steel cage.

ROW Diamonds Championship

The main event for the night was set to feature Barbie Hayden challenging reigning ROW Diamonds Champion Hyan for the title, but the issues between these two didn't wait for the main event to boil over. Despite a controversial loss to Taeler Hendrix at the inaugural Ladies Night Out, Hayden was voted most popular from that event. She came out earlier in the night to accept the award, but was promptly interrupted by the champion. Hayden made the textbook mistake of allowing Hyan to hold the certificate, and Hyan ended up tearing the "participation award", as she dubbed it, into pieces. After tossing the remnants at Hayden, a brawl ensued and the two had to be yanked apart by referees. 

With these tensions already high, the crowd was ready to see Hayden get her revenge once the night's main event arrived. Hyan, drawing a mixed reaction despite being from Houston, Texas, captured the title from Kylie Rae back at the first Ladies Night Out. Hayden was looking for payback, but even a vicious armbar couldn't knock off the champion. Despite several close falls, it was Hyan who ultimately retained her championship with her own variant of the Glam Slam. Despite the strong win, Hyan will have to keep her eyes on the horizon as a new contender was crowned in the same night.

Who will be the new number one contender?

The highlight of the night came in three matches culminating in a show-stealer to decide the number one contender for the ROW Diamonds Championship. The ever-ecstatic Kylie Rae took on the powerhouse Sheeva, but was able to earn her spot in the final after forcing Sheeva to tap out to a crossface. Meanwhile, "Thick Mama Pump" Jordynne Grace took on Laynie Luck in a hard-hitting back-and-forth contest. Luck got close to a win on several occasions, including hitting a sudden and powerful german suplex on Grace. In the end, it was Grace who got the best of Luck with a bridging pin to earn her spot in the finals. 

When the match to determine the new number one contender rolled around, it was clear both Kylie and Jordynne were ready to leave it all in the ring. Grace utilized her power on several occasions, almost putting Kylie Rae down with a bearhug during the clash. Rae fought back, later earning her own near victory when she locked Grace in a crossface, the same move she'd won with earlier in the night. Jordynne got to the ropes and forced the break, but some damage was clearly done. 


Despite the exhaustion no doubt settling in on both competitors, the match seemed to only get more intense as it went on. The crowd seemed split down the middle with different chunks of fans cheering on each competitor, but only one could earn a shot at the ROW Diamonds Championship. Kylie managed a lot of close falls, but it was the power of Jordynne Grace that won he night. Kylie got caught on the turnbuckle by Grace who carried her to the center of the ring before planting her with a huge sitout powerbomb. The referee counted the elementary pinfall, and Grace earned her shot at Hyan at Ladies Night Out III. 

While the entire night featured great women's wrestling, and the main event was great, it was Jordynne Grace and Kylie Rae who stole the show with the match of the night at Ladies Night Out II. 

Results: AQA def. Ivory Robyn, Kylie Rae def. Sheeva (tournament semifinal), Jordynne Grace def. Laynie Luck (tournament semifinal), Ivelisse vs Kiera Hogan ended in a double countout, Jordynne Grace def. Kylie Rae (tournament final), Hyan def. Barbie Hayden (ROW Diamonds Championship match)

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