Reality of Wrestling: Episode 211 (recap and results)

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(Photo credit: Patches Chance)

Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling have been quietly plugging away on the Texas scene over the last few years. Their TV Show, free to watch on Fite TV, is always a pleasure to watch, with the loud and energetic crowd and a very underrated commentary team in Matt Topolski and Brad Gilmore making their TV show an easy and enjoyable watch from start to finish. With solid storytelling and fundamentally sound in ring action from a mostly home-grown talent, I can not recommend watching Reality of Wrestling highly enough.

Axton Lowe vs Chad Skywalker

Axton Lowe had recently signed a contract with Reality of Wrestling and here he faced another debutant in Chad Skywalker. A fast-paced encounter, with both guys showing impressive athleticism from start to finish. A big spring board dropkick from Lowe was the highlight of the match and he celebrated his new contract with a win after hitting a modified Samoan drop. This was very good opener, with both guys impressing. 

Devin Devine vs Connor Holloman

Another debutant here as Devin Devine took on the always popular Connor Holloman. The commentary team hyped up Devine as being trained by Diamond Dallas Page and you could see the similarities between the two. This was my first time seeing Devine and man does that guy hit hard. Heavy chops and in particular an almost ungodly lariat all highlights in the new guys arsenal. 

Holloman is the classic underdog here in ROW, and after being dominated throughout it looked like he was fighting his way back into the match when Devine picked up the surprise win with a Diamond Cutter. This was a very impressive if surprising win for Devine and I am looking forward to seeing him again. Holloman is so over with the crowd that the loss does nothing to hurt him in the long run. Good match that built Devine up perfectly.

Ayden Cristiano vs Mysterious Q

This was the third match of their best of five series for the ROW Texas Championship. With a win a piece going into the night, this was a big match for both men. Cristiano was focused, sending his La Familia stable mates to the back at the start, claiming he wanted to do things on his own. Good back and forth with two guys who always have really good chemistry. A good mixture of speed and power from them both, with Cristiano in particular showing his athleticism with a tope suicida towards the end. Mysterious Q looked to have the win until La Familia interfered, leading to Cristiano getting the victory to go 2-1 ahead in the series. A very good main event and I look forward to their next match.


Also on the show, Reality of Wrestling Champion, Gino sent out an open challenge to anybody who wanted a shot at his title. 

Ashley Barnes continued his problems with the referee Ray Cantu, who came to the ring to apologize for attacking Barnes two weeks ago. Barnes and Bartek came to the ring and decided to get payback on the ref, double teaming him until the tag champions Johnson and Mason came to the ring to even things up.

Ryan Davidson did a backstage interview where he showed his displeasure with all the new guys coming into Reality of Wrestling. Focusing on the soon to be debuting Mike Orlando in particular, Davidson said that he is one of the guys who helped build Reality of Wrestling and these new guys had better watch themselves.

Quick Results


Axton Lowe def Chad Skywalker

Devin Devine def Connor Holloman

Ayden Cristiano def Mysterious Q in a Best of 5 series match for the ROW Texas Championship

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