Scott Steiner on his upcoming return and hatred of Jeremy Borash ahead of Slammiversary XV

This Sunday, Impact Wrestling celebrates an event that’s fifteen years in the making. The company that was founded all the way back in 2002 has gone through plenty of ups and downs along the way, but the positives will be the focus at Slammiversary XV on July 2nd. The night features some excellent competition including EC3 and James Storm in a strap match, Bobby Lashley taking on Alberto El Patron in a title unification match, and a 2-out-of-3 falls match between Sonjay Dutt and Low Ki for the X-Division Championship. 

One of the surprising matches of the night features a competitor many of us never expected to see inside a squared circle again. The man known as “Big Poppa Pump” and “Big Bad Booty Daddy” will compete in Impact Wrestling for the first time in almost six years. Scott Steiner will be teaming with none other than Josh Mathews to take on Jeremy Borash and Joseph Parks. Steiner was part of a media conference call where multiple outlets got to ask questions earlier this week, and he gave us his thoughts on his upcoming return and even had a moment to answer the most important question on the internet today. No, not that one. I’m talking about whether or not pineapple belongs on pizza. 

On Slammiversary and returning to Impact Wrestling

Things got started when Steiner was asked for some initial comments about his upcoming match at Slammiversary with Josh Mathews against Jeremy Borash and Joseph Parks. 

Yeah, somebody’s gonna get punched, maybe all three of them. Josh Mathews called me up wanting to know if I could do what I do best, beat people up. Money’s right, so I said yes. And that’s the way the ball got rolling.

Apparently, one thing that Steiner emphasized before the interview was that he wanted to discuss his hatred for Jeremy Borash. He elaborated on his exact feelings. 

It’s not a deep-rooted thing. I mean, I’m not just gonna look at the butterball and be all dandy. When I do my interviews I speak the truth. I hate fat asses. Jeremy has put on some weight, and it’s disturbing. So, I mean it’s not deep rooted, but I just wanna bitch slap him. That’s about how much hate it is. 

While it’s unclear where Steiner is headed after Slammiversary, he was asked if he thought he had one more title run left in him. 

I just focus one punch at a time, one match at a time, one person at a time. So, as far as looking ahead I haven’t really given it that much thought, but anything can happen. you know, right now I just wanna reach through the phone and break Ross’ neck for making me wait for ten minutes to get onto the line, so anything’s possible you know. If you piss me off anything can happen.

It was also confirmed earlier this week that Impact had officially acquired Global Force Wrestling and their roster. Considering the changes and added competition, Steiner had this to say. 

Everything’s better from here on out. Getting a lot of things together, getting all these great talents around the world, and I think everything’s looking good for moving forward for Impact Wrestling. It’s a great thing.

Considering his success as a tag team wrestler with both his brother Rick Steiner and with Booker T, RealSport asked Scott how he felt Josh Mathews would measure up as a tag team partner this Sunday. 

He’s not. All he has to do while I beat these guys to a pulp- all he’s got to is get on top of them and cover them for the 1-2-3 when the guy’s unconscious. That’s his job. It’s pretty simple.

In an attempt to get something different out of Big Poppa Pump, one person asked him if he could say something nice about each of his opponents this Sunday at Slammiversary. 

Not really. If I’m gonna fight somebody, I don’t bring anything positive. I think about stuff like, ‘what you kicked my dog?’ You know, I make up things so I get pissed off, so I wanna punch you even more. Ask me this question after the match, and maybe, but now all I’m thinking is ‘you stole my bike when I was a kid.’ So there’s a hidden pent up anger that all comes out during the match. Not now, no. I start negative.

Steiner was asked what his favorite memories were from his previous time with the company, and the answer perhaps wasn't surprising.

My favorite memories were when we were all in Main Event Mafia. All the champions were together and that was a lot of fun because there was a lot of history in the ring every time we stepped in.

Steiner was also asked to compare Impact today, under the ownership of Anthem and the leadership of Jeff Jarrett, to how TNA was run by Dixie Carter.

If you talked to anybody, there's a huge difference. I think when people see Jeff, they know that he knows what he's doing. Everybody knew that Dixie didn't know what she was doing. She was just a mark wanting to be on TV, so it's night and day.

Steiner later elaborated on his official status with Impact Wrestling after this Sunday. 

I haven’t had talks on anything past Slammiversary. If somebody wants to hire me again to beat somebody up that they don’t like, whether that be in the Impact Zone or elsewhere, I’m open to suggestions. Call me up and I’ll beat somebody up.

When asked if there was anyone on the current Impact roster who he'd like to face in a dream match, his answer was unapologetically and entirely Steiner-esque:

I would have to say any of the Knockouts. I'd wrestle one of the women and be on my back and be like, "oh, put me in this position". That'd be a treat.

Because of course no Scott Steiner interview is complete without some more... colorful opinions coming to the fore. Here are the highlights of some of Steiner's other controversial claims and statements.

On everything else

Scott had recently made waves when he said he refused to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame until a physical building was built. He reiterated those comments on the conference call:

How can you go somewhere to a Hall of Fame that's non-existent? I think they'd even be better off putting the WWE Hall of Fame on the moon - at least you can look up at the moon at night say wow, the WWE Hall of Fame is there. If I get in trouble in the Hall of Fame on the moon, I can call NASA get them to come rescue me. The WWE Hall of Fame doesn't exist... it's a joke. I'm not going in.

He was asked if, should the WWE build a physical Hall of Fame, he would be open to being inducted then.

It depends. Vince gets paid to put on a show, so pay me if you're getting paid to show the program. I don't do anything for free, he doesn't do anything for free. So yeah, if the price is right.

Steiner asked who his favorite tag team to watch today were, but his answer devolved more to the state of today's wrestling in general.

I don't watch a lot of wrestling now. It's hard to watch, but the ones I do watch are the Usos, because I wrestled with their dad and their uncles, and also even though he's only in a tag team once in a while, Bray Wyatt. I used to play with him when he was a little boy in the ring. But I don't watch a lot of wrestling. It's hard to watch, man... I feel bad for wrestlers that get pigeonholed into these stupid gimmicks. They don't let people be themselves the way it was when I started watching, or the way it was when I was wrestling. You had to come up with your own stuff or you didn't get over, you didn't have a job."

When he was asked about how he would change the industry today, he was blunt in his answer:

First two changes, you get rid of Stephanie McMahon and Hunter McMahon, because those are two idiots running the whole place up there. I feel sorry for the wrestlers nowadays, they've got to follow the instructions of these two idiots that clearly don't know what they're doing. People don't want to watch it because ratings are down. The reason why I call him Hunter McMahon is she obviously wears the pants. He's a ball-less walking around human being. He really needs to check himself in and see what's going on down there.

After being asked earlier in the call about the infamous incident between him and Hulk Hogan at the 2015 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, he was asked if there was any way Hogan could rehab his reputation given his public fall from grace.

Oh man, you hear the tapes, he's racist. Go google when he was in the stand with a stupid ass bandana, which, what kind of court allows a guy to testify with a bandana. But then he talks about the size of his penis. It's hilarious! I don't have to say anything... he's a piece of garbage.

Steiner was even asked his opinion on one of the most divisive topics on the internet today:  “Pineapple on pizza, yes or no?”

No. Not as a combination. Separately, yes.

Finally, it would be remiss of us not to mention the rumor going round that Steiner claimed that he slept with 15,000 women in one year in 1999. That's not quite accurate - Steiner said that in 1999, he had broken Wilt Chamberlain's record of sleeping with 15,000 women, but in total rather than a single year!

Check back with us for a preview of Slammiversary XV before this Sunday, and tune in that night to see “The Genetic Freak” step back into the six-sided ring with Josh Mathews to take on Jeremy Borash and Joseph Parks!

Let us know how you feel about Steiner’s in-ring return in the comments below!


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