Triple H was the right choice for Survivor Series

As seen last night on Raw, Stephanie McMahon forced Kurt Angle to remove Jason Jordan from Team Raw after he suffered an injury at the hands of Bray Wyatt. When the time came for Angle to announce Jordan's replacement, Jordan begged and pleaded for him not to remove him from the team which led to Triple H returning to Raw and announcing himself as the final member of Team Red. Following the announcement, he Pedigree'd Jordan and left. 

Picking a Perfect Final Member

When Kurt Angle chose Jason Jordan as the final member of Team Raw, many members of the WWE Universe thought Kurt made the wrong decision. When, later that week, Shane McMahon announced that John Cena would be the final member of Team SmackDown Live, they all voiced their opinions on social media that, somehow, Jordan had to be replaced by a more fitting choice.

Having Jason Jordan get brutally attacked by Bray Wyatt on Raw gave them the chance to drop a bombshell on Jordan and declare him unfit to compete for Team Raw at Survivor Series. When Stephanie McMahon told Kurt Angle to just announce who would replace Jordan, he took longer than he should have which led to Triple H returning to WWE and announcing himself as the final member of Team Raw.

Moving Forward

After the attack on Jason Jordan last night, this could lead to a potential match between Triple H and Jordan's father, Kurt Angle. With many believing this match could end up taking place at WrestleMania, and with WrestleMania still being six months away, the buildup will arguably make the match one of the most anticipated in WrestleMania history. With a potential stipulation being added to the match, Triple H v Kurt Angle will definitely be nostalgic for the days of the Attitude Era.

The biggest question this poses is where does that leave Jason Jordan? With Angle potentially only competing at WrestleMania following Survivor Series, Triple H could be thrust into a rivalry with Angle's son after hitting him with the Pedigree. This match could happen at the Royal Rumble or Elimination Chamber.

Although Jason Jordan is talented in the ring, you cannot deny that since he was inserted into this storyline where Kurt Angle is his dad, he has had little of a fan following. The fans didn't take too kindly to Jordan defeating Bray Wyatt on Raw last night, so imagine how they'd react if Jordan were to defeat 14-time world champion and the COO of the entire company, Triple H.


Triple H is a better choice as the fifth member of Team Raw because, although Jason Jordan is a talented wrestler, he hasn't proven himself worthy to represent the red brand on such a big night. Triple H is a 14-time champion. He is a first-ballot future Hall of Famer and has a proven track record. Since being revealed as Angle's son, Jordan has had little luck, with the only highlights being matches (albeit losses) with John Cena and Roman Reigns and a Guitar on a Pole match victory over Elias. Triple H is the better choice because Jason Jordan has yet to prove himself as a big star on the Raw roster, whereas Triple H is one of the biggest and well-known superstars in WWE history. 

Do you agree? Do you think Jason Jordan deserved to be on Team Raw? How do you feel about Triple H replacing him? Let us know in the comments below!

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