Who is the best former member of The Shield?

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Daniel Binns’ take

There is a rarity happening in the wrestling world right now in the form of a brand new age-old question. That is, who has been the most successful member of The Shield since the trio split just over three years ago? It is easy to think of Roman Reigns who is seemingly the hand selected superstar of the WWE brass, or even Seth Rollins who had a prolonged stay at the top prior to his injury alongside The Authority. But does the 'Lunatic Fringe', Dean Ambrose have a claim? 

I certainly think he has more than a claim, even eclipsing the successes of the other two. While all three have lifted the World Heavyweight Title (Roman three times, Seth twice, Dean once), what sets Ambrose apart is simply his consistency and popularity among the WWE universe.  

Roman is a monster, who is wildly detested by the bulk of WWE fans. Though much improved, there are still some question marks over the former American football star. He lacks the athletic ability of Seth Rollins, while paling in comparison charisma-wise to Ambrose. Regardless of this, the guy can wrestle, the guy can talk and is more than capable of putting on the big matches. But always to seemingly predictable effect.  

Rollins is the best pure athlete of the three and has the look (like Roman), to lead the company. He too is a very accomplished performer in and outside the ring and has shone as a singles wrestler since his time as part of the stable. Unfortunately for 'The Architect', his injuries have seen his progress somewhat derail, as he was at the top of the company before he was sidelined.  

His appearance on the cover this year's edition of the WWE 2K video game series further strengthens his claim as the most successful, but that can be counteracted by the fact that 'The Big Dog' has main-evented WrestleMania since then, and was impressive in doing so.  

Now that leads me to Ambrose. The unstable, erratic, and (most significantly) entertaining one of the three. In the ring, he is as unique stylistically as he is exciting, while a mic in his hand usually equates to absolute gold. He also seems to be constantly in some form of title picture with his recent Intercontinental tussle with The Miz bringing some life back into the championship. He and Miz have incredible chemistry with the latter really bringing out the best version of Ambrose we have seen for a long time.  

Although he has lifted the world title the fewest times of them all, I think the WWE universe have warmed and related to Ambrose more than the other two.  He, unlike Roman and Seth, does not look like a super hero and is portrayed as more human than his former 'brothers', which does give him a slight edge in terms of crowd reaction. Though it is worth mentioning Roman's crowd reaction is huge, but for all the wrong reasons.  

As mentioned previously, it is the consistent nature and constant entertainment both inside and outside of the ring that makes Ambrose the most successful and given time, there is no doubt in my mind that this crazy bastard goes from perennial contender to one of the upper-level superstars on the roster yet again, in the not so distant future.  

Ed Brickeen’s take

This is where you are wrong, my friend. Without question, Roman Reigns is the biggest star from the Shield.

You made valid points. The answer should be Seth Rollins. Wonky knees have prevented him from rising to Cena-like status in the WWE Universe. And yes, Roman does have a negative crowd reaction, when that is not what the desired effect is. But to say that Dean Ambrose is the biggest star, is just factually incorrect.

Santino Marella was as over as anyone has ever been for a time, but in no way was he as good of a superstar was John Cena. Not to mention, a bad crowd reaction is still a crowd reaction. No matter how much heat Roman has, intentional or not, means people care about him. That is something half of the roster struggles for. 

If you want to look at career accomplishments, it’s Roman, hands down. He retired The Undertaker. Granted, rumors are swirling that ‘Taker may be coming back, but he still did something only Brock Lesnar was able to do, and that is beat The Deadman at WrestleMania. Yes I know, wrestling, predetermined outcomes, blah blah blah. But Roman is the one man who could have pulled that off, and it not completely destroy his career.

You look at the guys who could have been in ‘Taker’s last match. It would have destroyed any face on the roster. John Cena might have been able to withstand it, and it might have given him the catalyst he needs to turn into the bad guy. Other than him, no one could have done what he did, and have a positive reaction on their career. Roman has had that. More people supported him after, just because of the spot he was in. Will he ever be universally cheered? No, that will never happen. Will he be the best worker in the company? No, no big man can ever lay claim to that title. Will he be one of the most intriguing tweeners ever? Absolutely. The best one at playing both sides at the same time was Austin. Even then, Austin strongly leaned to one side. Roman doesn’t need to. He will never be on Austin’s level, but his ascension cannot be denied. He is the best former member of the Shield.

Dan Dorrett’s take

Seth Rollins has by far been the most successful of The Shield to date. When The Shield was together Seth Rollins was thought of as the third wheel, with Dean being the leader and Roman as the future of the WWE. Well, he has proved that wrong. Seth has been an NXT Champion, a two-time WWE Champion, Tag Team Champion, United States Champion, and Money in the Bank winner. He has feuded with some of the all-time greats why standing alongside some of them too. He's even walked out of the main event of WrestleMania with the WWE Championship, though he certainly got an assist from the Money in the Bank briefcase. 

He was the chosen one out of the three to join The Authority. When Rollins betrayed his former brothers and destroyed The Shield, he became the biggest villain in the WWE. Rollins went on to be the face of the company by being the first superstar to ever hold both the WWE Championship and the US Championship at the same time.


 He would do every show and be the biggest name there was, why Roman was trying to become the top guy and Dean was in Mid-Card feuds. He carried the Company on his back which caused Rollins to suffer a torn ACL which forced him to give up the WWE Championship. When he returned he was a huge addition to roster again and he was put right back into the title picture. He won the WWE Championship back after returning from his ACL injury. 

Seth Rollins is now a fan favorite and is always in the mix to win a championship. He has been nothing but successful since making his big impact and splitting from The Shield.


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