Why Finn Balor should win at Elimination Chamber

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With elimination chamber fast approaching and especially after the exhilarating gauntlet match on Raw this Monday, many eyes will be eagerly awaiting the pay-per-view’s main event which features a 7-man chamber match for the chance to challenge Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 34. Whilst it seems that Roman Reigns will win the match to face the beast in a battle of the ‘big blokes’, in this article, I consider the argument for Finn Balor to win the match and face Lesnar, which could well provide more than just meets the eye.

Ready-made storyline

Almost all great WrestleMania matches are underpinned by a storyline which creates emotional investment. Last year we had Jericho and Owens whose storyline started around SummerSlam the previous year before culminating in an epic match in Florida. Now, this match hasn’t got the time to build such a storyline but given Balor’s previous relationship with the belt, there is an obvious starting point. Both have held the belt, and neither has been defeated whilst holding it. Balor wants his belt back and, as the plucky underdog, goes up against Brock. It is a simple formula, but this doesn’t mean it would be carried out well. However, if it was, it could really be a good build especially given that not many other matches have been built up that well up to this point. 

Helping Balor’s character

The match at WrestleMania would probably be too early for Balor to win his belt back and I would personally like to see him go on a long struggle before an iconic, Daniel Bryan-esque moment where he captures the belts against the odds. However, in the short term, this feud could help immeasurably when it came to helping Balor’s character, which many people, rightly, in my view, have commented is a bit stale at the moment. Getting to work with Hayman and the sheer fact that he would be in such a match would be the perfect opportunity for him to vastly improve his skills on the mic and also rekindle the character that got so many people excited when he debuted just before SummerSlam in 2016.

Dream Match

Perhaps the most important reason why I think Balor should win this Sunday is the undoubted spectacle that the two competitors would put on in the ring. Balor has shown on multiple occasions, most notably with his matches against Samoa Joe in NXT, that he can put on a classic spectacle with a bigger opponent.Whilst Brock Lesnar might not have the same technical wrestling mastery as Samoa Joe, he is no slouch in the ring and it would good to see him have to wrestle a different type of match. His last opponents have been Samoa Joe, Reigns and Strowman and whilst these were all great, they are all big men charging into each other and it would be interesting to see a different side to the man. It would be particularly interesting to see if Balor recruited the help of his demon alter-ego. The  Demon is unbeaten in WWE and Lesnar hasn’t lost since he was shocked by Goldberg at Survivor Series, meaning the loss would be of huge significance and more importantly could set up for an eye-watering rematch at Summerslam.


So, there you have it. This is why I think that Finn Balor should win the 7-man chamber match at WWE Elimination Chamber 2018. Whilst he may not seem the favourite, I still think there is plenty of potential for this match should the WWE creative team choose Balor as their winner. 

What do you think? Who will win? Let me know in the comments below.

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