Why Raw perfectly executed the Men's Elimination Chamber Match

(Photo credit: Miguel Discart)

A lot's changed in the women's division in the past two years, and last night they made history once again having the first ever women's Elimination Chamber match. Overall, it was a great match as is to be expected. However, a big concern for most WWE fans was the result of the men's Elimination Chamber match which had such a predictable ending that's been expected for over a year. 

Was it as bad as we expected?

The answer is no. The Men's Elimination Chamber exceeded expectations, with WWE not taking their usual approach with Roman Reigns. It was thought Reigns would pick off all six opponents to look as strong as possible on his way to face Brock Lesnar. The scenario would've made sense considering how The Beast Incarcerate has been booked since defeating Goldberg for the Universal Championship just last year at WrestleMania.

Rather than Roman Reigns being booked as strong as possible, it was instead Braun Strowman who took that honor. Braun received a quadruple Shield powerbomb from Rollins, Reigns, Cena, and Balor which was followed by four men attempting to pin him, but Strowman powered out every time. If that wasn't being booked strong enough, Strowman then received finishers from all four men but still hung in there. 

Now let's remember two of those men were Roman Reigns and John Cena, something like that is just unheard of. Braun Strowman had a few more moments of greatness, which included an impressive clean sweep eliminating five guys from the match and powerslamming his way into the history books with the record for most eliminations. This left it down to him and Roman Reigns, but it was The Big Dog who did manage to defeat him with not one but two spears, one right after the other.

What's next for Roman and Braun

Overall, WWE did a good job booking this Elimination Chamber match and took the best route they could on the chaotic road they paved for themselves. With that said, we're left with just one question; what's next for Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman?

It's safe to say Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar will probably have a couple brawls break out, with the entire roster rushing to break them up, during the build to WrestleMania 34. One of those brawls may even take place as soon as tonight. While some fans aren't looking forward to this match, it's guaranteed that Brock Lesnar's advocate, Paul Heyman, will hype it up as a must-see instant classic.

As for Braun Strowman, what's next for him is less predictable. Rumors are surfing around that Braun will take on The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship in what will most likely be a quick squash match and a good way to write Miz off TV to be with his newborn daughter and wife. While it's not the Universal or WWE Championship, the Intercontinental Championship has really been polished the past couple years. A dominant reign by Strowman could add even more prestige to the title.

Now there are rumors and speculations that would make up an entire article itself on the other matches we may see, but I'd love to hear your feedback. How did you guys like the men's Elimination Chamber? What would you guys like to see moving forward as we gradually make are way towards WrestleMania?

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