Wrestling Rumour Roundup: NXT Call-Up due, WWE cutting down many PPV's in 2018, SmackDown Double Turn and more!

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NXT Call up due soon

The 205 Live roster has been shaky recently and has relied on Enzo Amore to come into the division and breathe life and charisma into the ranks, but, he has run out of talent to go up against now. However, according to a report by PWInsider.com - Hideo Itami is due a main roster call-up from NXT. 

He turned heel over the summer, but he has not featured on any NXT tapings or episodes for a few weeks now. Itami is a great talent and has been playing the role of a silent assassin type; beating up anyone who is put in front of him whilst not saying much. But the feeling he will end up jobbing to Enzo is one we cannot shake.

WWE to cut down the amount of PPV's in 2018

Finally! One of the most commonly heard complaints by WWE fans is that there are way too many pay-per-views. For the last few years, it's been common for them to host one PPV show a month and this is bad because the pay-per-views lose their significance. 

It has been even worse since the brand split. It feels like we're getting a "big" pay-per-view every two weeks and for the average fan, there is just no way that anyone can keep up with this level of content in such a short amount of time.

But it seems that the creative team is feeling the strain and burden of hosting this crazy amount of pay-per-views too. According to the Wrestling Observer Radio (by way of Wrestlinginc.com), it seems our prayers have been answered. Whilst the full calendar year has not yet been released, it looks like there will be only one pay-per-view event a month leading up to April, and there may not even be a show in March. What are your thoughts about this scaling back of big shows?

Big double-turn coming for SmackDown stars

Ever since Rusev has returned to our screens, people have wanted to cheer him. And it's easy to see why. Personally, I have always been a big fan of Rusev and I was devastated when he got buried by John Cena back in their "I Quit" match two years back. He exhibits a long-lost powerhouse wrestling style that has gone awry in recent times, he is charismatic in the ring, and out of the ring, he is just downright hilarious (as shown in Total Divas). 

According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter (by way of Sportskeeda.com), there was a double-turn at a recent house show which saw Rusev beating the current face "Tye Dillinger" with the accolade. This may have been a one-off, but many fans think it was a teaser for something bigger to come. Personally, I am happy with this as it will do wonders for Rusev's character, however - it may spell disaster for Tye Dillinger, who I cannot see working as a face. Other than his "Ten!" chants, he really has nothing else going for him, so as soon as we take that away from him - he may have nothing left. What are your thoughts on this potential double turn?

The Bludgeon Brothers drop the gimmick already


Well, that didn't last long! According to 411mania.com, at a recent house show in Manchester, UK - the Bludgeon Brothers came out in their own "Wyatt Brothers" clothes; Luke in his dirty vest and baggy jeans, and Rowan in his green/khaki boiler suit. The entrance music was just Luke Harper's solo theme, and they did not bring their sledgehammers out with them. 

They had been coming out in their Bludgeon Brothers getup for the entire tour, so it seems strange on one of the last house shows they ignored it. Perhaps this is the end of that gimmick?

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