WWE 2K19: MyPLAYER Best Fighting Style

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MyPLAYER offers WWE 2K19 players a vast array of game modes and challenges. From the MyCAREER story, to Factions, Road To Glory, and even daily, weekly, and PPV Towers to compete in.

Before you can do all that though, you have to create your superstar, and that brings with it a tough decision

MyPLAYER Fighting Styles

The first choice you have to make, before you even name your superstar, is which fighting style your superstar will use. You can choose between five different styles; Technician, Powerhouse, Giant, Cruiser, and Striker. Each style has two sub-styles to pick between once you hit level 10, which boost the maximum score of certain stats, allowing you to become a dominant force at your chosen style.

While there is a difference in initial movesets between the five styles, that can quickly be fixed by spending VC to create the moveset you want. What can't be changed is the stat differences each style creates. Let's start by looking at the Technician style.


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+ 5

Best stat potential: Chain Wrestling (90), Chain Wrestling Speed (90), Agility (89), Movement Speed (87)

Shooter sub-style boosts: Power Submission Offense (85), Technical Submission Offense (85), Grapple Reversal (84), Grapple Offense (84), Power Submission Defense (80), Technical Submission Defense (80)

UK strong style boosts: Arm Power (90), Environmental Offense (90), Reversal Offense (90), Running Offense (88), Grapple Reversal (84), Grapple Offense (84)

If you like to do it all, then the Technician style is for you. As a base the Technician style is well-rounded, you can build a reasonable aerial attack (80 aerial range, 80 aerial offense), move well (89 agility, 87 movement speed), and reverse moves really well (82 reversal).

The Shooter sub-style turns you into a submission machine (85 power submission offense, 85 technical submission offense), so if you want to hear the crowd roar as you lock in a hold and tap out your opponent a la Daniel Bryan then this is the one for you.

UK strong style brings the same boost to grapple offense (84) but turns you into bruiser with the boost to arm power (90), running offense (88), and environmental offense (90). It also makes you a reversal specialist (90) which is really useful. 


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+ 5

Best stat potential: Running Offense (95), Strength (95), Grapple Offense (90), Environmental Offense (90), Power Submission Defense (89)

Beast sub-style boosts: Power Submission Offense (89), Grapple Reversal (88), Arm Power (87), Damage Recovery (86), Grapple Speed (84)

Hero sub-style boosts: Strike Speed (89), Strike Reversal (89), Technical Submission Offense (89), Arm Power (87), Reversal Offense (75)

The Powerhouse style is your modern WWE main eventer. Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, and John Cena perfectly typify this style with their strength, powerful offense, and limited technical & athletic skills. If you want to be able to run rings around an opponent, these guys aren't for you (50 agility), but if you want to hit power moves (95 strength, 90 grapple offense) and plow through an opponent then pick the Powerhouse style.

The Beast sub-style turns you into a monster. You can tap opponents out (89 power submission offense) recover much faster (86 damage recovery) and prevent offense more easily (88 grapple reversal). All of that plus the innate offensive ability makes you an unstoppable force.

The Hero sub-style is less brutal than the Beast sub-style, but with improvements in striking (89 strike speed, 89 strike reversal) you can stymie an opponent's momentum and get back on the offensive quickly. You also get a boost to your reversal strength (75) to help launch a furious comeback.


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Best stat potential: Aerial Reversals (98), Strike Reversal (89), Foreign Object Offense (88), Arm Power (85), Head Durability (80), Pin Escape (80)

Big man sub-style: Strength (99), Body Durability (90), Grapple Offense (85), Momentum (85), Running Offense (80), Agility (77), Aerial Offense (75), Aerial Range (75)

Monster sub-style: Strength (99), Grapple Reversal (98), Environmental Offense (98), Reversal Offense (98) Body Durability (90), Damage Recovery (90), Momentum (85), Grapple Offense (85)

Giants are few and far between in the general population, but WWE has always played home to them. From Andre the Giant to Braun Strowman they are always there and always a spectacle for fans. In MyPLAYER choosing the giant style guarantees enormous strength (99) regardless of which sub-style you pick, while you also have two excellent reversal abilities (98 aerial reversals, 89 strike reversal) and good striking power (85 arm power, 80 leg power).

The Big Man sub-style affords you some more movement skill (77 agility) as well as the ability to take to the skies with more power (75 aerial offense, 75 aerial range). However, it doesn't bring the boosts that the Monster sub-style does.

With the Monster sub-style you become an unstoppable force of nature. Along with that 99 strength potential your grapple reversal, environmental offense, and reversal offense all have a cap of 98. Body durability and damage recovery can hit 90, and grapple offense gets boosted up to a max of 85 too.


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Best stat potential: Agility (98), Movement Speed (95), Stamina (90), Reversal (90), Reversal Offense (90)

Luchador sub-style: Aerial Offense (99), Aerial Range (99), Springboard Offense (99), Aerial Reversals (99), Strike Speed (99)

Technician Cruiser sub-style: grapple Speed (90), Power Submission Offense (78), Technical Submission Offense (78), Power Submission Defense (70), Technical Submission Defense (70)

If you like to strike and move, the Cruiser style if for you. With superb athletic potential (98 agility, 95 movement speed, 90 stamina) they can run all day and specialize in counter wrestling (90 reversal offense).


The Luchador sub-style is for those that want to take to the skies. With the ability to hit 99 in every aerial stat as well as strike speed, you can torment opponents with quick strikes and a flurry of aerial moves to crush them.

Choosing the Technician Cruiser sub-style brings a boost to submission stats, albeit not very much (78 submission offense, 70 submission defense). The best thing this sub-style does is allow you to drastically increase grapple speed to a max of 90. This means you can get the upper hand and hit your moves first, allowing you to stay on offense and really ground an opponent.


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Best stat potential: Strike Speed (99), Momentum (90), Reversal (89), Stamina Recovery (86), Head Durability (85), Agility (86), Stamina (85)

Brawler sub-style: Arm Power (98), Damage Recovery (98) Environmental Offense (95), Foreign Object Offense (95)

Strong style sub-style: Running Offense (92), Body Durability (90), Leg Power (85), Reversal Offense (80)

Strikers specialize in throwing fists and feet to beat the opponents to a pulp. With the ability to get 99 in strike speed they can hit first and hit fast the whole match, making it very tough to get the upper hand on them for long. With solid athleticism (86 agility, 80 movement speed) and durability (85 head, 79 body, 75 arm, 75 leg) they are tough to keep down and even harder to beat.

The Brawler sub-style turns your striker into a brute of a puncher. With the potential to get 98 in arm power and 98 in damage recovery they are a striking machine, while they also excel on the outside of the ring where chaos reigns (95 environmental offense, 95 foreign object offense)

The Strong Style sub-style is better suited to keeping the action in the ring than the Brawler, and better suited to kicks (85 leg power). With excellent running offense potential (92) and a nice boost to body durability (90) the Strong Style Striker can deal out the punishment and take it as well.

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