WWE 2K19 Unlockables: Guide to unlock all characters, arenas & championships

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Like most games, WWE 2K19 has a lot of unlockables. In fact, there are 104 superstars, arenas, and championships that you can unlock with in-game VC as well 37 historic attires, looks, and stages within Showcase mode.

With all these different unlockable parts it can be a little overwhelming, so let's break it down for you.

WWE 2K19 Showcase Unlockables

After a two-year absence, 2K Showcase makes a welcome return to WWE 2K with The Return of Daniel Bryan. The Showcase celebrates and chronicles the rise of Daniel Bryan to superstardom and his eventual return after injury. It features a total of 25 minutes of an original interview with Bryan, as well as a lot of previous versions of current superstars, different attires, and classic arenas. There are 11 matches to complete in total, with each one carrying some unlockables.

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Match #1: Bryan Danielson, John Cena '03, Velocity '03

Match #2: Daniel Bryan '10, Chris Jericho '10, NXT '10

Match #3: Night Of Champions 2010 Attire, The Miz '10, Night Of Champions '10

Match #4: Daniel Bryan '12, Kane '12, Kofi Kingston '12, R-Truth '12, Night Of Champions '12

Match #5: Daniel Bryan '13, Randy Orton '13, Raw '13

Match #6: SummerSlam '13 Attire, John Cena '13, SummerSlam '13

Match #7: Daniel Bryan '14, Bray Wyatt '14, Luke Harper '14, Erick Rowan '14, Jey Uso '14, Jimmy Uso '14

Match #8: WrestleMania XXX Attire, Triple H '14, Stephanie McMahon '14, WrestleMania XXX

Match #9: Randy Orton '14, Batista, Triple H (Manager)

Match #10: Extreme Rules '14 Attire (Daniel Bryan), Extreme Rules '14 Attire (Kane), Extreme Rules '14

Match #11: Kevin Owens '18


VC Unlockables

To rack up every unlockable superstar, arena, and championship it will cost you. You can immediately unlock them by purchasing the WOOOOO! Edition of the game, purchase the 2K19 Accelerator in the Xbox Live or PSN Store, or you can spend a lot of VC. If you want the quickest way of earning VC, then follow our guide. Here are ALL the unlockables you can purchase with VC.

Arena Cost (VC)
SummerSlam '881,000
Raw is War '981,000
WCW Halloween Havoc '981,000
WCW Monday Nitro '981,000
SmackDown '001,000
WrestleMania 331,000
Championships Cost (VC)
ECW Championship '08-'10300
ECW World Championship '06-'08300
ECW World Heavyweight Championship '94-'01 300
ECW World Tag Team Championship300
Hardcore Championship300
Million Dollar Championship300
NXT Championship '12-'17300
NXT Tag Team Championship '13-'17300
NXT Women's Championship '13-'17300
WCW Cruiserweight Championship300
WCW Hardcore Championship300
WCW United States Championship300
WCW World Heavyweight Championship '88300
WCW World Heavyweight Championship '91-'93300
WCW World Heavyweight Championship (NWO)300
WCW World Tag Team Championship300
WCW World Tag Team Championship '91-'96300
World Tag Team Championship '02-'10300
World Tag Team Championship '97-'02300
WWE Championship '05-'13300
WWE Championship '88-'98300
WWE Championship '98-'02300
WWE Championship (Brahma Bull)300
WWE Championship (Smoking Skull)300
WWE Cruiserweight Championship '01-'07300
WWE Divas Championship300
WWE European Championship300
WWE Intercontinental Championship '90300
WWE Intercontinental Championship '94300
WWE Intercontinental Championship '98-'11300
WWE Tag Team Championship '02-'10300
WWE Undisputed Championship300
WWE United States Championship (Cena)300
WWE Women's Championship '98-'10300
Superstar Cost (VC)
Alundra Blayze3,000
Andre the Giant3,000
Bam Bam Bigelow3,000
Batista '105,000
Beth Phoenix5,000
Big Boss Man2,000
Bobby Heenan1,000
Bret "Hitman" Hart5,000
British Bulldog3,000
Brutus Beefcake3,000
Chris Jericho '003,000
Dusty Rhodes3,000
Eddie Guerrero5,000
The Godfather2,000
Greg Valentine2,000
Jake Roberts3,000
Jim Neidhart2,000
Kane '983,000
Kevin Nash3,000
King Booker5,000
Kurt Angle '015,000
Kurt Angle '065,000
Lex Luger3,000
Mr. McMahon2,000
Mr. Perfect3,000
Papa Shango2,000
Randy Savage3,000
"Ravishing" Rick Rude3,000
Razor Ramon3,000
Ric Flair '885,000
Ric Flair '915,000
Rick Martel3,000
Ricky Morton5,000
Ricky Steamboat '943,000
Robert gibson5,000
The Rock5,000
The Rock '015,000
Scott Hall3,000
Shawn Michaels '055,000
Shawn Michaels '975,000
Stephanie McMahon3,000
Steve Austin6,000
Sting '915,000
Sting '985,000
Sting '995,000
Sycho Sid3,000
Ted DiBiase5,000
Triple H '015,000
Trish Stratus5,000
Ultimate Warrior5,000
Undertaker '918,000

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