WWE 2K22: 6 most downloaded CAWs so far are AEW stars

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WWE 2K22 launched just days ago, but Community Creations has quickly found a flood of AEW stars as their top CAWs.

While things could change, we're taking a look at the top downloads in WWE 2K22 Community Creations and which CAWs from AEW are leading the pack.

WWE 2K22: 6 most downloaded CAWs so far are AEW stars

WWE 2K22 has finally arrived, and creators didn't waste any time working on CAWs of wrestlers not included in this game that they could upload to Community Creations.

As of now, the top 6 most downloaded CAWs in WWE 2K22 are current AEW stars, and in at the sixth spot is none other than former AEW World Champion Jon Moxley with 24,676 downloads, a creation by Zzfist#00138.

"The American Dragon" Bryan Danielson takes the fifth spot with 30,180 downloads, and he was crafted by creator Iconic2K, who can be found here on Twitter.

Chris Jericho takes the fourth spot with 31,988 downloads for a version featuring both Le Champion and Painmaker attires by creator WILD2000 aka UnstoppableSingerUK#89096.

WWE 2K22 Community Creations caws most downloaded
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Tommy End in third may be the most surprising one to make it this high on the list with 38,791 downloads purely because the creation doesn't use his AEW name Malakai Black, but it's just one of many top-notch CAWs from creator GeKo G4mes, who can be found here on Twitter.

The top two spots are particularly unsurprising, as CM Punk narrowly slips ahead of End with 38,833 downloads with a CAW created by ItzJustJae aka JaeThaWrestler#81004.

Finally, at the top of the pack, we have "The Icon" Sting in a stunningly high quality creation by Dre41 that is dominating the pack at the moment with 47,910 downloads, and the creator can be found here on Twitter.

WWE 2K22 is already benefiting from Cross-Platform Community Creations

While the Creation Suite in WWE 2K22 got some fine tuning and improvements this year, by far the biggest addition has been Cross-Platform Community Creations.

With WWE 2K22 on so many different platforms, they've finally unified the Community Creations system, whereas in the past users could only download creations made on their particular platform.

This didn't just hinder the availability of creations to players, but it also meant that creators who wanted their creations available more widely had to recreate them on multiple systems.

Thankfully that's been fixed this year, and it's already showing major dividends as the Community Creations section of WWE 2K22 is thriving since launch.


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