WWE 2K22 MyGM Guide: Tips & Tricks for 5-Star Matches, Best Power Cards

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WWE 2K22 MyGM marks the return of GM Mode for the first time in years, and our guide is here to put both veterans and rookies on the path to success.

Whether you need that final trick to snag a 5-Star Match or tips to make Power Cards work for you, our WWE 2K22 MyGM Guide will put your brand on the map.

WWE 2K22 MyGM Guide: Tips & Tricks for 5-Star Matches

As you dive into WWE 2K22 MyGM, it can be tempting to disregard or not hold fast to some of the rules and guidelines the game presents early on.

Whether it's during the draft or as you're crafting cards, fans often spot potential dream matches featuring their favorite wrestlers of the past or present and feel they'd be a perfect rivalry.

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BE THE BEST: Work to always have more fans than your opponent

However, WWE 2K22 MyGM cares much less about who your favorites were and much more about how Class, Role, and Popularity equate to quality matches.

If you're just getting started on a new WWE 2K22 MyGM save, consider using a custom draft pool and check out our tips to for the best draft possible.

Once you've got your roster in place, there are several key tips that will help keep you on the path to victory in MyGM.

Rivalries are crucial

Every week in MyGM, you'll be notified how many weeks away the next pay-per-view event (WrestleMania Backlash, Extreme Rules, etc) happens to be.

This is a crucial piece of information, because you can only upgrade rivalries one stage per week and want as many high level rivalries as you can have at each major event.

The best case scenario would be a Level 4 Rivalry for every single match on the card, but you can still get major benefits from a Level 2 or 3 Rivalry on a PPV.

While it varies each time, a PPV match with a Level 2 or 3 Rivalry has a chance to go ahead and give a Rivalry Complete bonus or to simply level things up and allow that rivalry to continue.

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LEGENDARY: Build up as many top rivalries as you can

Call Out Promos are the most reliable way to start or improve a rivalry, but simply having competitors in a match together or scheduling a run-in from one part of the rivalry can also boost things.

Tag team rivalries are the most difficult to upgrade, as only a tag team match featuring all four competitors can level up that rivalry, and you'll need to be careful not to decrease their Stamina too much.

Each week, try to take inventory of how long you have until the next PPV and where each rivalry stands, as this is a major part of keeping things strong throughout each event.

Bigger matches mean bigger ratings

One thing you'll find relatively consistent in WWE 2K22 MyGM is that bigger, more expensive match types tend to lead to higher match ratings.

Hell in a Cell matches might be the most expensive and most detrimental to stamina, but they reliably provide much higher ratings than counterpart matches.

While you can go all-out at a PPV and pack every match on the card as Hell in a Cell, it can be better to actually make only your Opener and Main Event a Hell in a Cell Match.

This allows you some match variety, and by putting a Tables or Extreme Rules Match in the Mid-Card you make it more likely to receive the proper show curve of the Opener and Main Event being better matches than the Mid-Card.

Titles are huge for Popularity in MyGM

One of the things you'll work to do over time is gradually increase the Popularity of every wrestler on your roster.

However, titles can be an instant Popularity booster you'll want to take advantage of early and often.

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THE TITLE BOOST: Choose your Champions wisely in MyGM

When setting up your roster and save file, it's often a good call to put the titles on some of your lower Popularity superstars as this will instantly give them a +10 to Popularity and they can then be matched up against an already popular opponent.

However, keep in mind that title matches are good to use often as a ratings boost, and you may want to play those yourself or use the Fix Match card to ensure the title remains where you want it.

Stamina can be offset with Free Agents & Legends

While you may find that your initial drafted roster in WWE 2K22 MyGM is plenty to manage the first and/or second PPV, you'll likely need some fresh talent down the line.

This is especially true if you're doing the max-length 50 Week version of MyGM, and that's where Free Agents and Legends come to the rescue.

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FRESH TALENT: Signing new roster members can be crucial

Stamina becomes more of an issue as you get further into MyGM, and you'll also notice Rivalry Cooldown sometimes hindering your rivalry setup options.

The best way to combat both of these is by signing a new Free Agent or Legend, and these offerings can change every week so make sure to check often.

Usually it's better to go with longer contract lengths for signings, and if you can afford it a Permanent addition from Free Agency can be huge, but be careful not to sign too many early on as the contract renewals can cause issues if you don't yet have a solid cashflow.

Use the biggest Arena possible at all times

Show Logistics can be a bit confusing at first, and it's easy to lean towards always using the ones you can get bonuses from.

While many of those bonuses like boosts to Popularity or Morale can be helpful, there are a few choices where you'll go against what may seem like the suggested choice.

First off, you need to use the biggest Arena currently available every single week, regardless of whether you have a card that meets the requirements to give you the extra bonus.

WWE 2K22 MyGM Guide
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TICKET SALES: Don't overlook this major revenue generator

The reason for this is that a massive chunk of your revenue each week comes from ticket sales, and even without the bonus you'll see a significant profit that offsets the Arena cost each time.

Crew and Special Effects are much less important, but using the best one you meet the bonus requirements for and can afford is helpful in boosting morale.

Advertisements is a bit trickier, as you'll often want to use the one you receive a bonus for in order to snag the Popularity increases, but it helps with overall Fans if that's more pressing for you.

Best Power Cards in GM Mode

Finally, now that we've gone over some of the tips and tricks for overall show booking, we come to the Power Cards in WWE 2K22 MyGM.

This new mechanic hadn't been seen in the old version of MyGM, and it can be a massive gamechanger some weeks.

Starting with the Brand and GM Power Cards, while all can be useful, without a doubt the most valuable combination is a Custom Superstar on SmackDown, as the pairing of Beginner's Luck raising your lowest superstar's Popularity and Birth of Legends boosting 6 on your roster can give you a huge leg up as soon as MyGM begins.

If you can afford them, it's always good to snatch up the Power Cards that are available each week, but a few stand out as extra useful.

There are four cards that boost a specific match rating (A Little Bit of TLC, Forged in Fire, Get The Tables, Too Extreme), and you'll want to grab these whenever possible and save for a PPV.

TOO EXTREME: Make sure to use your Power Cards for 5-Star Matches
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TOO EXTREME: Make sure to use your Power Cards for 5-Star Matches

It's often best to put the match type you have a card boost for in the Opener or Main Event, ensuring the best opportunity for a 5-Star Match.

The next most important cards deal with Stamina and injuries, and these are Health Spa and Injury Rehab cards.

Health Spa is crucial to keep some of your top stars from sitting on the bench too long while regaining stamina, but Injury Rehab can be a lifesaver.

If a major star is down with an injury the week of a PPV and you have an Injury Rehab 3 card while their injury should last only 1 or 2 weeks, using it should instantly make them available for your PPV card.

Pre-Match Physio is also a great maintenance option, as it'll often prevent an injury from happening, something most useful if you need to book a big star with low Stamina the week before a PPV.


Most of the other cards either things easier on you (Free Show Logistics cards, Fix Match to guarantee a winner) or make things harder for your rival brand, and one key thing is to remember all of the Veto cards and the Double Cost card need to be used on the opposing brand a week early, ideally the week before a major PPV to impact that show.

Finally, don't sleep on the Special Training card, which lets you improve the Promo Skill of a Local talent signed through Free Agency, allowing some of these extremely cheap talents to become major players on your roster.

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