WWE 2K22 Ratings: Roman Reigns reveal makes him the highest rated roster member

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WWE 2K22 ratings continue to roll in and simultaneously confirm some of this year's biggest roster members, and now they've arrived at The Tribal Chief.

We've got full details on the Roman Reigns ratings reveal and everything we know about his presence on the WWE 2K22 roster this year.

Roman Reigns becomes highest rated with WWE 2K22 ratings reveal

After taking a day off from the WWE 2K22 ratings reveals and making it seem like things might take a break, WWE Games has now confirmed the rating for Roman Reigns.

The Tribal Chief was already a favorite to be one of the highest rated in the game, and the reveal officially makes him the highest rated superstar we know of so far.

As seen above, Roman Reigns officially has a 95 OVR rating in WWE 2K22, which is firmly in the lead compared to the others that have been revealed.

Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley both landed at 91 OVR, while even the nWo 4 Life Edition version of Hollywood Hulk Hogan sat only at 92 OVR compared to The Head of the Table.

All Roman Reigns MyFACTION Cards (so far)

This is the first year we'll get to see MyFACTION hit the mat in WWE 2K22, and it's an exciting addition to the franchise for many.

The game mode appears to be taking heavy inspiration from NBA 2K22 and their MyTEAM mode, but we're still waiting for a better deep dive into exactly what kinds of modes will be included within and how it'll operate.

In the earliest reveals for WWE 2K22, their website showcase this set of five potential MyFACTION cards. They haven't confirmed yet if these will indeed be the cards seen at launch or if this could still change between now and then.

WWE 2K22 ratings bobby lashley myfaction cards
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MyFACTION: Get ready to open packs and collect these unique cards

Now that we know the WWE 2K22 ratings for two of these men, both Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley, the ratings they choose for MyFACTION begin to look even more intriguing.

While Reigns is a full 95 OVR rated roster member, his first MyFACTION card is actually lower than the 92 OVR rated Bobby Lashley.

If MyFACTION turns out anything like MyTEAM, we'll likely see multiple versions of different superstars released at launch and in the following weeks as part of unique sets.


Reigns may not end up on top as the mode begins, but there's no doubt he'll get some truly frightening cards as time goes on.

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