WWE 2K22 Reveal: Countdown to the next sneak peek at this year's game

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WWE 2K22 news has stayed relatively quiet, but that's finally due to change as we've learned about a new sneak peek on the way.

Here's everything we know so far about the next WWE 2K22 reveal, when it's set to arrive, and what we might learn this time.

WWE 2K22 Reveal Countdown

WWE 2K22 isn't due for a release date until March 2022, but that isn't stopping fans for closely watching in hopes of new details.

Since the title was officially delayed, the only thing we've gotten is a slow trickle of a few potential WWE 2K22 leaks, but nothing has been official.

That's finally due to change, as the official WWE Games account on Twitter has teased a new reveal due to arrive on Thursday, November 18, 2021.

Unfortunately, we didn't get much more information than that, but it's a good sign that fans can look forward to learning something new.

While we don't know for sure, 2K in the past has done reveals like this around 11am ET, and that was a common announcement time during the lead up to NBA 2K22 launching back in September.

With WWE 2K22 also being developed by Visual Concepts and published with 2K and WWE Games, it would make sense for them to use a similar timing as was used during that pre-launch period.

We'd initially heard when the game was delayed that the first major updates would arrive in January, and that's likely still the case, but this could still be an exciting sneak peek.

What could be revealed for WWE 2K22?

One option that always lines up with game reveals is a new trailer, but it's hard to say exactly what they might do with one considering what's already been shown and what's likely being saved for later.

January 2022 is expected to house most of the game's most significant reveals, so we may not get anything like Cover Superstar or Release Date this early, as much as we'd love to be proven wrong.

The WWE 2K22 trailer released when the game was delayed showcased more superstars than had been seen in the initial teaser, and it gave fans a better look at the upcoming title's graphics.

WWE 2K22 reveal countdown edge
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STUNNING VISUALS: This gorgeous model of Edge was showcased in the last trailer

The biggest hope for this WWE 2K22 reveal would be something particular to gameplay, but the development team could still be saving that for January.

Some sort of Q&A with developers could be on the table, as we saw some behind the scenes development videos earlier in the year before WWE 2K22 was officially delayed.


We could once again get a look behind the curtain to see some of the work that's being done and get a small idea of what the game will look like when it arrives.

While we won't know for sure until the reveal itself arrives, there's no doubt this is exciting news for what could be one of the most crucial WWE games in over a decade.

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