WWE 2K22 shows off Edge, SummerSlam reveal coming

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WWE 2K22 has been quiet for some time, but things finally look to be changing with major news on the way!

We've got a new look at an absolute legend in the game, and there could be even more coming for WWE 2K22 at SummerSlam.

WWE 2K22 showcases Edge and teases SummerSlam reveal

WWE 2K22 is expected within the next few months, and it's no shocker that things are starting to heat up with news expected soon.

The official WWE Games account on Twitter sent out a tweet earlier today showcases this gorgeous fully-rendered screenshot of "The Rated R Superstar" Edge!

WWE 2K22 Edge
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RATED R: There's only one Rated R Superstar in WWE 2K22

They further teased fans to tune in to WWE SummerSlam this weekend to find out more, indicating we're likely to see a reveal take place during the show.

WWE SummerSlam will be available primarily through Peacock in the United States and the WWE Network outside of the US, both subscription services come with all WWE pay-per-view events including SummerSlam.

The SummerSlam kickoff show begins at 7pm ET, while the main show begins at 8pm ET, and the WWE 2K22 reveal is expected during the main show.

You can also watch SummerSlam via pay-per-view through your cable or satellite provider or in select theaters.

SummerSlam reveal could include cover athlete and more

With all signs pointing to big news at SummerSlam, it's still up in the air exactly what we'll get to see and learn about WWE 2K22.

The biggest pieces of information we're still missing are a gameplay trailer, release date, cover athlete, and platforms.

We're currently expecting WWE 2K22 to launch in just a few short months during October, which lines up with previous releases for the series.

WWE 2K22 Edge
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ANOTHER ANGLE: We got a second look at Edge during his epic entrance

This also may be the first time the series heads to next gen, and we're hoping to learn soon whether to expect the title on Xbox Series X|S and PS5.

With WWE 2K22 being the sponsor of SummerSlam, we're sure to see the logo all over the event, and the most likely reveal would be a proper trailer.


Details like cover athlete and release date often land with the game's official reveal trailer, so we're hoping to learn about that as well.

With Edge being a big focus of both these screenshot reveals and SummerSlam itself, there's definitely a possibility the multi-time champion will be the face of WWE 2K22, but we'll have to wait to find out for sure.

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