WWE 2K22 weapons have a feature we haven't seen in YEARS

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WWE 2K22 has now been officially confirmed to land in just six weeks, but a few key new details about weapons could excite many fans.

Here's what we know so far about how weapons will work in WWE 2K22, including some changes that we haven't seen in years.

WWE 2K22 weapons get a feature from Here Comes The Pain

If you've been playing wrestling games for a long time, there's no doubt you have some fond memories long before the WWE 2K22 era.

One of the stalwarts of the early 2000s in wrestling gaming was WWE SmackDown!: Here Comes The Pain, which released exclusively on PS2 in late 2003.

While there are several wrestling gaming classics which come up often, Here Comes The Pain has a special place as many revere it as one of the best wrestling games ever made.

There's now extremely good news about WWE 2K22 as it is reportedly getting a feature that hasn't been seen for nearly two decades.

Three WWE content creators from VYBE got an early look at WWE 2K22, and in the latest video by YouTuber SimplyBetterAM he confirms some key weapons details.

The biggest one is that weapons will actually show progressive damage states, and this means that after a strike your weapons will show visible damage but still be usable.

WWE 2K22 weapons
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DAMAGED: The chair can be seen with visible crinkling and bending

You can actually see the weapon damage in the image above, which was taken from the latest WWE 2K22 trailer and shows the chair changing slightly after impact. Those weapons will also eventually break, another feature that hasn't consistently been there in recent years for weapons.

WWE 2K22 frees up placement for ladders

In addition to the news about weapon damage being visible, we've also learned about how ladders will work in WWE 2K22. In the past, especially in WWE 2K19 and WWE 2K20, the games had become increasingly restrictive about where you're able to place weapons like the ladder.

This has become very frustrating for players, as it restricts the creativity and unique ways those weapon sequences will work in matches.

WWE 2K22 weapons
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LADDERS EVERYWHERE: You should have much more freedom to set things up

However, in the same video we learned that ladders can be placed basically everywhere in and around the ring, which is a huge change from recent years.

We didn't yet get confirmation if the same is true for tables, but it sounds like the mechanics in place that restricted placement have been removed entirely.

This should make chaotic match types like a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match even more fun than they've been in recent years.


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