WWE: Ranking all the Grand Slam Champions

It takes a special talent to be a Grand Slam Champion in the professional wrestling world. To be in the conversation for the main, midcard, and even tag team belts throughout one's entire career is not only a testament to what they can do in the ring or on the microphone but also to how respected they are amongst the higher-ups.

Roman Reigns became the latest member of this exclusive club when he pinned The Miz on Monday Night Raw last night to win his first Intercontinental Championship, a move that had been in the works for the last month but had likely been delayed following Reigns' brief departure due to illness.

Though some members of the WWE Universe are thrilled that the Big Dog is part of this exclusive club, he's got a long way to go before he truly is one of the greats to have earned this honor. For others who have climbed the same ladder, there are several who rank above him.

The question, however, is simple. Amongst the Grand Slam Champs, where does Reigns' ranking land?

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