Making Mayhem Event returns to Sea of Thieves with free Borderlands rewards



Xbox's Gamescom 2021 stream was jam-packed with information about Xbox Game Pass and the titles coming from Xbox Game Studios in the future - however, there was one little announcement that was as surprising as it was exciting. Sea of Theives is collaborating with Borderlands! We don't know how this came about either, but the Making Mayhem Event has just started and we have everything you need to know about it right here.

The Making Mayhem Event has started!

Sea of Thieves' Making Mayhem Event has just kicked off - It isn't going to be as extravagant as some of the other events we've seen in the past but it's a good way to pass time between now and the next big thing!

" Larinna and the Bilge Rats have been working to get pirates co-operating and clearing out threats in recent times, so now it’s time to interject some more traditional Bilge Rat activities: accomplishing tasks through piratical pandemonium! In the Making Mayhem Event, it’s your job to enliven the Sea of Thieves by looting, shooting and blowing things up..."

To put it plainly, the Making Mayhem Event is going to be about making mayhem. It certainly seems to lean on the explosive nature of the Borderlands series - incorporating the chaotic nature of fictional piracy too!

Larinna is going to offer up two types of Event Challenge for the Making Mayhem Event and you have until September 7th to earn all the rewards on offer - but more about those below...

There are free rewards to be had, too!

If you want to earn the Mayhem Ship Set from Larinna during the Making Mayhem Event - a Sea of Thieves and Borderlands collaboration - we've got everything you need to know.

All you need to do is earn Favour by completing either Minor Mayhem Challenges or Major Mayhem Challenges. We've got them all listed below...

Minor Mayhem Challenges

  • Exploding Gunpowder Skeletons in a chain reaction.
  • Defeating a group of skeletons by detonating a Gunpowder Skeleton.
  • Burning a group of skeletons at once using a firebomb or a Chest of Rage.
  • Defeating a shark using a Gunpowder Barrel.
  • Hitting a ship with a chaos-inducing Ghostly Cannonball, chainshot or firebomb shot from a cannon.
  • Destroying a Ghost Ship

Major Mayhem Challenges

  • Handing in a Stronghold Gunpowder Barrel or Keg of Ancient Black Powder.
  • Opening one of the Gold Hoarders' Treasure Vaults.
  • Setting a Skeleton Ship ablaze using an Ashen Winds Skull.
  • Drinking or playing music with another crew at an Outpost.
  • Collecting all the gold piles inside one of the Gold Hoarders' Treasure Vaults.
  • Finishing any Tall Tale (visit the Castaway or Mysterious Stranger to get started).
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