FIFA 23: Frustrated players should turn to eFootball for BETTER gameplay

Lewandowski FIFA 23 and eFootball

The FIFA 23 cycle is coming to a close, with Team of the Season passing by and signalling the end of the hype season.

Naturally, with any game, FIFA players are feeling a strong burnout and are searching for alternate ways to get their football fix.

Right now, the market isn't great, but there is one game that's well worth a try.

Check below to find out why we think eFootball 2023's gameplay is better than FIFA's and why you should be trying it out.

eFootball 2023 > FIFA 23

It's well worth sounding the opinion siren for this one and once again stating that our thoughts are not gospel and we understand that some players will firmly disagree.

However, following a recent foray into the world of eFootball, we were surprised at how much more realistic the gameplay felt.

The general pace of the game was far more realistic than FIFA 23, with player movements and general positioning feeling far more akin to what we see in real life.

eFootball 2023 Osimhen
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SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENTS - eFootball 2023 boasts the best gameplay on the market

Across the multiple updates and new seasons, Konami has been making a conscious effort to improve gameplay, which looks to be bearing fruit.

If you're a football purist who wants to experience realistic gameplay, then eFootball 2023 is absolutely the game for you.

Whilst we know the game can't touch FIFA 23 for general modes and aesthetic excitement, and we'll touch on that later, we also know that eFootball 2023 is boasting some of the best gameplay mechanics in football gaming.

Ultimately, it's the simple stuff that makes eFootball 2023 such a success, with every player's movement feeling realistic.

The way the ball moves, the way players tire towards the end of games and the general impetus placed on passing makes eFootball 2023 a realistic and well-rounded football game that offers some of the best gameplay on the market.

FIFA 23 > eFootball 2023

Adding some balance to this piece is not going to be a challenge, as eFootball 2023 simply cannot touch FIFA 23 when it comes to modes, graphics and general aesthetics.

EA and FIFA are the kings of the mountain and their plethora of modes stands them above all others.

FIFA 23 Ronaldinho
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IMPROVEMENT NEEDED - EA need to step up their game

That being said, you need to remember that eFootball 2023 is a free-to-play game and FIFA 23 retails for around the £70 mark.

When looking to the future, we hope that EA takes note of what Konami is producing and aren't dismissive of their competitor.

The football gaming market is set to become all the more flooded in the coming years and everyone will have to work even harder in order to be the best.

EA, with the arrival of EA Sports FC 24, have a chance to stamp their authority in a dominant way, but that means the game will have to be the full package.

Taking inspiration from games like eFootball 2023 and Football Manager 2023 and combining it with their tried and tested formula will allow EA to produce a football game that stands tall in every key area.

EA Sports FC 24
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NEW ERA - EA Sports FC 24 launches in 2023

Right now, FIFA 23 is a game that boasts plenty of content, but not an awful lot of substance.

These days, it's quality over quantity, and we'd advise any football fan to give eFootball 2023 a chance.

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