FIFA 23: How NOT to end an era

FIFA 23 Messi Ronaldo

FIFA 23 represents the end of an era, with EA Sports FC 24 launching in 2023 and signalling the end of the FIFA and EA collaboration.

This revelation came about before the release of FIFA 23, leading many to wonder what kind of state the game would be in.

Whilst some hoped for a celebration of all things FIFA, we can't help but feel this year's game has left a lot to be desired.

With that in mind, let's take a look back at FIFA 23 and assess where it all went wrong.

The Failure of FIFA 23

FIFA 23 feels like the kind of meal you have with a partner before you know the inevitable break-up is coming.

You could even argue that FIFA 23 feels like the kind of meal you have with your partner to tell them you're splitting.

Overall, the game feels like an empty shell compared to previous releases and we're sure that this is likely down to the announced split, even if it's a subconscious choice.

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FALLING FLAT - FIFA 23 has not lived up to the hype

It's easy to forget that, whilst FIFA 23 has been in circulation, the dedicated team at EA will have been working hard to prepare for the launch of EA Sports FC 24.

We do not begrudge them that, in fact, we admire their speed to be able to turn around a whole new game in such a tight timeframe, but the player has definitely suffered this year as a result.

Same old, Same old

FIFA 23 suffers from looking almost exactly the same as previous games, with only a few colour changes offering a difference.

Modes like Career Mode and Ultimate Team saw very little in the way of new features, apart from a game mode that no one plays and a new chemistry system that no one asked for.

Credit where credit is due, EA took massive steps forward with the actual gameplay of FIFA 23 and they deserve endless praise for the effort and skill committed to simply making the game look and feel better than ever.

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VISUAL MASTERCLASS - Gameplay improved massively in FIFA 23

When we penned our review, it was the gameplay that stood out as the clear marker of excellence, but everything else left us feeling a little flat.

FIFA 23 is far from a celebration of FIFA, it's more of a soft handshake as the two companies part ways and search for better things.

Disputes over cross-play from the pro clubs community dominated early discourse and frustration has been a good word to encapsulate the feeling of players towards this year's release.

Mistakes Were Made

Once again, we know the team at EA will be working hard on the release of a brand-new game, but that doesn't mean that some of the basic errors showcased in FIFA 23 should be simply overlooked.

Constant errors in Ultimate Team have led to many, many compensation packs being released this year, with a recent example showing an error within the compensation itself!

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GROWING FRUSTRATIONS - Major mistakes were made in FIFA 23

Don't get us wrong, making and fixing a game must be incredibly hard, but the steep price that FIFA 23 retails at would dictate a level of consistency and ease that this year's game simply hasn't shown.

As mentioned above, many were hoping to see FIFA 23 end on a high, but it's gone out with the kind of whimper that you'd expect from a dog that wants its dinner.

We all had high expectations for this game, but those flames of anticipation soon simmered off after we realised that FIFA 23 was going to be another game to add to the forgettable pile.

Looking Ahead

FIFA 23 should not count against EA in every way.

Yes, we can bemoan the mistakes and ultimately feel let down by some of them, but EA has proven on multiple occasions that they are capable of releasing a killer football game.

EA Sports FC 24
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A NEW HOPE - EA Sports FC 24 launches in 2023

In fact, the reason games like FIFA 23 fall so flat is because EA has set a much higher standard to which we hold them.

The release of EA Sports FC 24 later this year is the real marker, with EA having a huge chance to right some wrongs and showcase what they can do without the shackles off.

If anything, expectations are higher for EA FC than they've ever been for any other football game and we're hoping EA can start this new era with a real bang.

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