Genshin Impact Community Yearns for Kaveh's Comeback

A screenshot from the "Character Demo - "Kaveh: Edifice of Sincerity" | Genshin Impact" YouTube trailer.
Credit: HoYoverse

A screenshot from the "Character Demo - "Kaveh: Edifice of Sincerity" | Genshin Impact" YouTube trailer.
Credit: HoYoverse

Ten months have passed since Kaveh, Sumeru's renowned architect, last appeared in an event or banner, leaving players yearning for his return. His endearing righteousness and selflessness captured hearts worldwide during his debut, making his absence all the more palpable.

While each Genshin Impact patch offers double banners and main events featuring familiar faces, the growing roster of new 4-stars has pushed some beloved characters to the sidelines. For a character as popular as Kaveh, the question festers in the community: when will he return?

Disappointment within the Genshin Impact community reigns as Kaveh remains MIA

With the 4.4 banners announced and 4.5 leaks revealing no Kaveh, despair has gripped his fans. Dubbed the "Kaveh drought," this absence has sparked a chorus of disappointment on social media, perfectly summarised by a post by privenari on X: "kaveh has no rerun, no tcg card, no new appearance in an event, no money, when will his and his stans suffering end?

A screenshot of a post from @privenari on X about Kaveh's absence.
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Credit: @privenari on X

Sumeru's charm undoubtedly stemmed from its vibrant cast and their interactions. From the overly rational Akademiya scribe to the ruthless General Mahamatra with a unique sense of humour, the fandom came alive with fan-made content depicting the unlikely friend group, "4ggravate": Tighnari, Cyno, Alhaitham, and Kaveh.

Kaveh, in particular, resonated with many due to his relatable personality. Described as someone who is burdened by idealism and "perhaps caring a bit too much about too many things," he hides a complex inner struggle under his illustrious exterior. Guilt lingers from his father's death, shame weighs down on him due to poverty, and he strives to achieve his ideals against harsh realities.

A screenshot of Kaveh from the Genshin Impact Kaveh hangout event.
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Credit: HoYoverse.

A successful architect with honours from Kshahrewar, Kaveh is a staunch defender of the arts, valuing aesthetics in architecture, design, mechanics, and even storytelling. Contrasting Alhaitham's rationality, Kaveh operates on his convictions, prioritising what he feels is right. His empathetic nature shines through, like buying handmade keychains to help children, even amidst his own debt.

Kaveh’s popularity within the Genshin Impact community was never dampened by his 4-star status. HoYoverse acknowledged this, featuring him in official art and promotions like the Genshin Impact x GiGO collaboration. He was also a key character in the Parade of Providence event, winning the Interdarshan Championship in a compelling display of his selflessness.

A screenshot of a post from @haikavehel on X.
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Credit: @haikavehel on X

But ten long months have passed, and anticipation for his return grows. On social media, fans like haikavehel express their yearning: "Girls don't want roses for Valentine's Day, they want Kaveh to come back!"

Recent leaks hinting at a third limited banner keep hope alive. While whispers suggest a possible Sumeru event after the Mondstadt event in Version 4.5, only time will tell. Rest assured, we'll keep you updated on the Light of Kshahrewar's return!

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