Will Madden 24 have tattoos?

Madden 24 tattoos

Madden 24 tattoos

The newest football franchise title is around the corner, as Madden 24 will launch on 18 August. Not many questions about the game are left unanswered. We now know a lot after the Madden 24 Gameplay came out. Still, one question is open: Can I have tattoos in Madden 24?

The fans are excited about having an opportunity to play as one of the 99 Club players and enjoy various modes, such as the Franchise Mode. Creating an avatar is also quite popular among fans, who like to customize them as much as possible.

The face customization in Madden has lifted to a whole new level in recent years. But will the customized avatars have tattoos in Madden 24? Find out below.

Can I have tattoos in Madden 24?

Over the last few years, EA Sports introduced facial recognition software in the Madden franchise. It allowed players to scan their faces for their avatars, which turned out to be an instant hit among the fan base.

Although the players now have a chance to create a new face and customize it how they like, they also expect to have tattoos in Madden 24 available. Unfortunately, Madden has encountered a bizarre legal challenge when it comes to tattoos.

There will be no tattoos in Madden 24, leaving Colin Kaepernick as the only player to have them in the Madden franchise.
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Kaepernick was the first player to have tattoos in Madden

As we know, previous Madden editions came with tattoos included, but the developers later removed that option because of concerns about copyrights. There is a slight possibility that tattoo artists who actually created tattoos for NFL players will object to having their work used in the game. However, EA doesn’t want to risk anything. That’s why it doesn’t look like tattoos in Madden 24 will be available.

Will tattoos be added in the future?

The Madden 24 player will look like in real life, thanks to the facial recognition software we mentioned earlier. But they will come without tattoos.

We had an opportunity to check out some screenshots and first look at the Madden 24 Gameplay. We didn’t notice a single tattoo. EA indeed advised the NFL players to get copyright protections for their tattoos, so developers use them in the game. However, that still didn’t happen.

Madden 24 Justin Jefferson
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In earlier versions of Madden, there were generic tattoos we could use when creating players, but that is also unavailable in Madden 24. The potential lawsuits repelled EA from including tattoos in Madden 24. For now, it seems that the fans will not enjoy this feat.

If you played Madden 15, you probably remember that the first player who had his tattoos in the history of the franchise was Colin Kaepernick. He managed to secure the rights to his tattoos and was the only one to have them included in that edition. In fact, Kaepernick is the only NFL player ever to have tattoos in Madden. It will remain that way, at least for one more year.

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