Madden 24 Franchise Mode Players You MUST Trade For

The game isn't out yet, but we can already start finding some hidden gems in franchise mode for Madden 24. There are always a handful of player attributes that dominate in Madden games, and as veteran players will know the OVR rating for player rarely tells the whole story when it comes to their ability on the field.

In this article, we are looking for players that will over-perform their rating and can be acquired pretty easily. Just because Madden 24 has finally expanded to six trade slots and three years worth of draft picks doesn't mean we want to give away EVERYTHING for one player.

Tariq Woolen (CB, Seattle Seahawks)

Woolen starts Madden 24 as an 83 OVR corner. That's a really solid OVR and places him =23rd at his position, that's not particularly hidden in an NFL where teams really need three very good corners to compete.

However, Woolen may end up being one of the very best corners to use in Franchise Mode and challenge the likes of Sauce Gardner and Patrick Surtain II. The reason is he's got speed and length.

The Seattle Seahawks team huddle in Madden
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TIGHT TEAM - The Seahawks might not want to give up Woolen

Woolen starts Madden 24 with a CB-best 98 speed and is fourth with 96 acceleration. He's also 6'4" with 95 jumping, allowing him to compete for balls in the air and make up for his less-than-elite coverage stats.

He has 85 zone coverage which is solid but a poor 69 man coverage. If you can improve that man cover attribute quickly then his size and speed will make up for the rest.

If the price for Woolen is too rich for you, then take a look at

Malik Willis (QB, Tennessee Titans)

Willis was a third-round pick for the Titans last year, but starts Madden 24 as their third-best QB behind Ryan Tannehill (76 OVR) and Will Levis (69 OVR). Now you might not like the sound of starting a 66 OVR QB but if you need someone right away Willis is a great player that will be available for cheap.

Willis is the fifth-fastest QB in Madden 24 with 90 speed but his acceleration and agility are all top 4 at the position, something only Lamar Jackson and Justin Fields can match.

Along with that, he has 94 throw power which is sixth and only a few points behind players like Justin Herbert and Patrick Mahomes. It's also a stat that is very hard to improve in Franchise Mode, unlike his accuracy stats which are obviously low but you can make a lot better pretty quickly.

Comparing Malik Willis to Anthony Richardson in Madden 24
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Willis is a similar player in a lot of key attributes to Anthony Richardson, who is 70 OVR and is the best QB on the Colts roster.

Richardson is only marginally more accurate though, and Willis is a better ball carrier which as we all know is deadly for a QB in Madden games.

Troy Anderson (MLB, Atlanta Falcons)

Another 66 OVR player! Anderson was a second-round pick for the Falcons in 2022 and is just waiting for you to pick him up for next to nothing. He's the ideal user defender for any scheme thanks to his 6'4" frame and strong physical traits.

He's got 92 speed with 94 acceleration, 87 agility, and 85 change of direction. These are all at the top or near the top of the MLB position board. He's not much of a blitzer but that's fine, you want to be controlling him in coverage yourself and breaking up those passes over the middle of the field and coming down hard on check downs.

Troy Anderson's ratings in Madden 24
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STUD - Anderson is just waiting to be traded for

With solid tackling and 84 hit power to start with he can become a true terror in the middle of the field.

Nolan Smith Jr (LOLB, Philadelphia Eagles)

Smith Jr is a rookie, but after falling to the end of the first round in the draft this year he is more acquirable than he might otherwise be.

Smith Jr is a star in the making, with a blazing 93 speed which leads all LOLB, as does his 81 change of direction and 95 jumping. He's not going to be a dominant pass rusher right away but his 71 finesse moves is a solid building block. That speed will let you get some user sacks around the edge and also provide another to drop into coverage.

De'Von Achane (HB, Miami Dolphins)

Guess what, we're recommending another speedster! Miami has five halfbacks on their roster and four of them are 90 speed or higher, including De'Veon Achane who comes in with 95 speed, 94 acceleration, and 91 agility.

At 76 OVR he's got a pretty high, especially for a third-round rookie, but with Raheem Mostert over him in the depth chart, the AI shouldn't be too opposed to giving him up for a draft pick and a player at a position of need.

Along with those physicals, Achane has 92 carrying which is incredible for a rookie and 65 catching which is good enough to make plays in the passing game. Just don't ask him to do too much blocking, as his 45 pass block isn't good!

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