Madden 23 TOTY: Two special John Madden cards join MUT for the first time ever

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It's been nearly a month since the Super Bowl and at long last the Madden 23 TOTY program is here. EA is about to drop the biggest program of the year so far, rewarding 2022's best players with some huge cards.

Last year's Team of the Year program hit in late January, but this year we have had to wait to until March to get new cards for the best performers of the 2022 season.


With Madden 23 Season 4 also starting So what can we expect from the Madden 23 TOTY program? Let's take a look.

Madden 23 TOTY

Players have been voting for who they think deserves a massive new card and now 28 players are getting fresh Team of the Year cards. Last year TOTY had 96 OVR cards with a handful of 97 OVRs, but that will be going up this year because of how late they are hitting the game.

There will also be nine Honorable Mentions players along with an MVVP, Most Valuable Virtual Player, card. That's not all though, as players can get their hands on two 99 OVR cards in this program.

There will be 40 challenges to complete, earning you a 98 OVR TOTY account-bound fantasy pack that features everyone from the program.

The program is set to go live in Ultimate Team on Thursday, 9 March at around 10am ET / 3pm GMT.

Madden 23 TOTY cards

There are offensive, defensive, and specialist players in the Madden 23 TOTY program, and with so many players coming into the game it is a huge time of the year in Ultimate Team.


Most Valuable Virtual Player

The first 99 OVR card of the Madden 23 TOTY program is Fred Warner.

The 49ers middle linebacker gets a stunning card for picking up the most votes of any player in the program.

Fred Warner Madden 23 TOTY card
CAN'T BEAT ME - Fred Warner is a stud in MUT

John Madden

For the first time ever players can drop the man himself into their squad. A 99 OVR John Madden Left Tackle card is entering the game and it's amazing.

John Madden's Madden 23 TOTY card
FACE OF THE FRANCHISE - The iconic player & coach finally joins MUT

Madden is also getting a Defensive Tackle item that starts at 91 OVR but can be upgraded to 99 OVR. Everyone will get the 91 OVR card on login when TOTY starts.

John Madden's defensive card in Madden 23
GET STUFFED - You can't run on Madden

To upgrade the 91 OVR card you will need to rush for 10,000 yards, score 250 touchdowns, get 40 sacks, and get 400 tackles with the 91 OVR DT Madden in your lineup. You'll get upgrade tokens at 5,000 & 10,000 yards, at 100 & 250 touchdowns, at 20 & 40 sacks, and at 200 & 400 tackles. Good luck!


Punters are people too, and now there is a 98 OVR punter and kicker! The specialists cards also include a rush defender and a few new half backs as kick returners and third-down specialists.

Name Team Position OVR
Tommy TownsendKansas City ChiefsPunter98
Justin TuckerBaltimore RavensKicker98
Kyle JuszczykSan Francisco 49ersFull Back98
Cameron HeywardPittsburgh SteelersRush Defender / Right End98
Nyheim HinesBuffalo BillsKick Returner / Half Back98
Aaron JonesGreen Bay PackersThird Down Back / Half Back98
Austin EkelerLos Angeles ChargersThird Down Back / Half Back98
Justin Tucker's TOTY card in Madden 23
ICE COLD - Justin Tucker is unstoppable


Defense is all about speed, power, and smarts. It's the side of the ball players struggle with the most, but these cards will make your life much easier.

Player Team Position OVR
Chris JonesKansas City ChiefsDefensive Tackle98
Myles GarrettCleveland BrownsRight End98
Nick BosaSan Francisco 49ersRight End98
Brian BurnsCarolina PanthersLeft End98
Maxx CrosbyLas Vegas RaidersLeft End98
Bobby WagnerLos Angeles RamsMiddle Linebacker98
Haason ReddickPhiladelphia EaglesLeft Outside Linebacker98
Micah ParsonsDallas CowboysRight Outside Linebacker98
Derwin James JrLos Angeles ChargersStrong Safety98
Minkah FitzpatrickPittsburgh SteelersFree Safety98
Jaire AlexanderGreen Bay PackersCornerback98
Marlon HumphreyBaltimore RavensCornerback98
Jalen RamseyLos Angeles RamsCornerback98
Patrick Surtain IIDenver BroncosCornerback98
Sauce GardnerNew York JetsCornerback98
Micah Parsons Madden 23 TOTY card
MAGIC MICAH - There's no stopping Micah Parsons off the edge


It's time to score some points. Offensive TOTY cards are always deadly and can be used for the rest of the year in No Money Spent teams.

These guys can dominate in the trenches, out wide, and with the ball in their hands. Get as many of them as you can!

Player Team Position OVR
Trent WilliamsSan Francisco 49ersLeft Tackle98
Quenton NelsonIndianapolis ColtsLeft Guard98
Creed HumphreyKansas City ChiefsCenter98
Jason KelcePhiladelphia EaglesCenter98
Zack MartinDallas CowboysRight Guard98
Lane JohnsonPhiladelphia EaglesRight Tackle98
George KittleSan Francisco 49ersTight End98
Travis KelceKansas City ChiefsTight End98
Christian McCaffreySan Francisco 49ersHalf Back98
Ja'Marr ChaseCincinnati BengalsWide Receiver98
Justin JeffersonMinnesota VikingsWide Receiver98
Tyreek HillMiami DolphinsWide Receiver98
AJ BrownPhiladelphia EaglesWide Receiver98
Josh AllenBuffalo BillsQuarterback98
Jalen HurtsPhiladelphia EaglesQuarterback98
Jalen Hurts' Madden 23 TOTY card
HURTS DON'T IT - This dual threat card will menace defenses on every down


As always, there is a collectible exchange set for TOTY. 17 TOTY collectibles will get you a 98 OVR TOTY fantasy pack.

Madden 23 TOTY set exchange

You will be able to pick one of three random TOTY champions or Honorable Mentions.

There are nine Honorable Mention players, and you can get them in a set too but it's pricy. You need to give up three 94-95s, four 92-93s, six 90-91s, six 88-89s, and six 86-87s. That's a total of 25 cards to get an Honorable Mention Fantasy Pack.

Madden 23 TOTY exchange sets
CASH IN - You can trade a bunch of cards for any TOTY player

You can exchange three 94-95, four 92-93, six 90-91, six 88-89s, and six 86-87s to get yourself any of the TOTY winners in individual sets too.

Season 4

The long-awaited Season 4 is also set to kick off on Thursday 9 March. This will bring a whole new Field Pass for players to unlock, meaning new rewards and cards.

Players can earn a 99 OVR Calvin Johnson along with two other 99 OVR cards by leveling up their new Field Pass.

Madden 24

Players are starting to drift away from Madden 23 now that the season is over. Eyes are turning to Madden 24 with hope of improvements and make-rights.

Following the corruption of online franchise leagues, effected players will get a 50% discount on Madden 24 along with invites to the Madden 24 closed beta.