Madden 24 May Already be Regretting its 1 Million Coins Prize

Chris Jones beating a block in Madden 24

Madden 24 has lasted just one weekend without some form of nonsense. After announcing a massive 1 million coins for going 25-0 in MUT Champs, it looks like EA is about to backtrack on that, in a big way...

EA investigating 25-0 MUT Champs accounts

The first weekend of Madden 24 came and went with seemingly little controversy. While there isn't a lot of solo content in Ultimate Team right now, players were still excited to drop into Head to Head and then eventually the weekend of MUT Champs and go after a 1 million coin reward for a perfect weekend.

Thanks to a Competitive Pass upgrade for Madden 24, anyone that went a perfect 25-0 in MUT Champs would get 1 million coins into their account. Given the early state of the economy in Madden 24 that was a HUGE incentive, and it seems to have pushed a lot of players into striving hard for perfection.

In the end a good number of players ended up with that perfect 25-0 mark. So many that it has probably skewed EA's expectations and now risks flooding the economy of Madden Ultimate Team.

An announcement from the Madden team today says they are suspending the rewards and investigating. Which isn't a good sign at all.

A tweet from MUT Direct saying that the 25-0 MUT Champs objective is temporarily suspended while EA investigate
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EAGLE-EYED - EA didn't expect so many perfect weekends

It's almost guaranteed that not all of the 25-0 weekends were legit. There are some desync glitches that players can pull off to give themselves a disconnection win. These have been in the game for a while now and could certainly have been used to sneak a few wins. However there will be plenty of perfect records that were legitimately earned by players.

What will EA do?

The likelihood is that EA will hand out some account bans a dramatically slash the winnings for a perfect weekend. We could see it drop as far as 250,000 coins.

This wouldn't be surprising, as it would likely keep the economy at the level EA want while disincentivising the cheat and also the grind. It's a shame that because of a few glitch-exploiters the rest of the Madden community can't have nice things. It's also a shame that a years-old, well-known exploit is still in the game.

But that's life for Madden fans.

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