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All Confirmed Madden 24 Relocation Cities

Madden 24 relocation cities
Credit: EA Sports

Football fans were very excited about Madden 24, but that excitement quickly disappeared, after players tried out the game. Despite that, there are still millions of people playing Madden 24 regularly.

One of the most popular game modes in Madden 24 is without a doubt Franchise mode. There were only a few relocation cities in earlier editions of the game. However, the developers heard what the community had to say and made the Franchise mode better this time around.

If you want to relocate your franchise in Madden 24, you should think carefully about which city you want to move to. So, let's find out which are all the Madden 24 relocation cities.

Madden 24 relocation cities

The relocation option in Franchise mode was pretty poor before Madden 24. There weren’t enough cities to relocate to, and also those offered weren’t attractive enough to the players. Other important aspects, such as stadium redesign, and jersey design, also failed to satisfy the players.

Madden 23 had a total of 19 relocation cities, and this year's EA Sports football title introduced 13 more, giving players a total of 34 cities they can choose to move their team to.

Madden 24 stadium
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While the previous version had four international locations, Madden 24 added seven cities outside the United States. This provides players with more options when choosing where to relocate their teams. Furthermore, every city has a different marketplace and fan personality, so you need to consider that when relocating your team.

Here is the list of the 13 new Madden relocation cities:

  • Anchorage, Alaska
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Canton, USA
  • Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Louisville, USA
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Montreal, Canada
  • Omaha, USA
  • Paris, France
  • Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Virginia Beach, USA

Madden 24 relocation teams

It is important to know that not all teams can be relocated to a new city. In case the stadium isn’t brand new or state-of-the-art, or the fans are unhappy, then you can take that team to a new location. The stadiums with lower ratings have a 'Bad' or 'OK' level of happiness.

These three teams can be relocated instantly:

  1. Tennessee Titans - Rating: 10, Happiness: Bad
  2. Buffalo Bills - Rating: 11, Happiness: Bad
  3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Rating: 14, Happiness: Bad
Madden 24 Cincinnati Bengals stadium
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Here are the other ten teams that can be relocated with ease:

1. Green Bay Packers - Rating: 20, Happiness: Bad

2. New Orleans Saints - Rating: 20, Happiness: Bad

3. Houston Texans - Rating: 22, Happiness: Ok

4. Washington Commanders - Rating: 23, Happiness: Ok

5. Cincinnati Bengals - Rating: 26, Happiness: Bad

6. Cleveland Browns - Rating: 26, Happiness: Ok

7. Detroit Lions - Rating: 28, Happiness: Bad

8. Kansas City Chiefs - Rating: 29, Happiness: Fair

9. New England Patriots - Rating: 29, Happiness: Ok

10. Denver Broncos - Rating: 32, Happiness: Fair

There are also high-rated stadiums with a 'High' level of happiness meter:

  • Los Angeles Raiders (99)
  • Las Vegas Raiders (99)
  • Los Angeles Charges (99)
  • Atlanta Falcons (95)
  • Minnesota Vikings (93)
  • San Francisco 49ers (92)

Now that you know which are all the Madden 24 relocation cities, it's time you understand what are the best Madden 24 camera settings and how you can master the Madden 24 controls, and dominate the field.

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