Madden 24: Superstar deep dive introduces game-changing features

Madden 24 Josh Allen

Madden 24 Josh Allen

The Madden 24 release date is inching closer, with fans eager to try out the game. Pretty much all of the new features had been revealed so far, with only the changes to the Superstar mode remaining a secret.

However, the August 10 Madden 24 Superstar deep dive answered all the questions fans had about the mode. Some new and exciting features were introduced. Features that will make the mode the most realistic and immersive it has ever been. Furthermore, some classic Superstar features were also revamped.

So, let's take a look at everything the Madden 24 Superstar deep dive revealed.

The NFL combine was never so important

The NFL combine was never so important for Superstar mode as it is in Madden 24. Players' performances in every combine drill will impact their draft stock. Where you rank in each drill compared to your peers is especially important this year.

After completing the NFL combine, players will also "compete in position-specific drills". Depending on the performance, players' draft positions will either go up or down.

Madden 24 Superstar mode NFL combine
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Madden 24 Superstar mode is also introducing the Combine Interview feature. There, players will have to answer questions from reporters. The more questions you answer correctly, the higher your draft ranking will go.

In the NFL draft, players will be drafted by teams that have a high need for their specific position. This makes the mode much more realistic and immersive.

However, you still have the option to skip the draft process and choose any team you want to play for.

Superstar Missions

Superstar missions are yet another new feature that is coming to the game mode in Madden 24. It allows players to choose which objectives they want to focus on, and the rewards they want to chase after.

Madden 24 Superstar Missions
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These objectives can be season goals, like rushing or passing yards. Career milestones such as MVP trophies or Super Bowl rings. Or other off-the-field objectives that players will find out as they progress in their careers.

Players can choose which objectives to pursue, and once they achieve them, they will be rewarded accordingly.

Social Media feed

The social media feed will allow players to see fans' reactions to their latest performance, their stats, decisions made off the field, and relevant league news, such as trades.

Madden 24 Social Media feed
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It's also on the social media feature that the MaddenCast will appear. MaddenCast is a podcast that brings unique commentary about your player, and his performances. It's hosted by NFL legends Ryan Clark, Fred Taylor and Channing Crowder.

All these changes will surely make the Madden 24 Superstar mode the most realistic and immersive it has ever been.

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