MLB The Show 24: Community worried and disappointed with the lack of new features

MLB The Show 24 Derek Jeter in-game footage

MLB The Show 24 Derek Jeter in-game footage

MLB The Show 24 is one of the most anticipated sports titles of 2024, and its release date is inching closer and closer. However, the community has been very worried about the lack of new features.

There have been two MLB The Show 24 Feature Premieres so far, but none of them touched on the main modes of the game, Diamond Dynasty, RTTS and Franchise. Furthermore, there wasn't any new real feature introduced, which left fans worried that MLB The Show 24 is just a copy-paste game of its predecessor.

So let's find out why this lack of new features can hurt the game and its player base.

We still don't know what MLB The Show 24 brings to the table

Sports titles are always being accused of doing the bare minimum and recycling content. Many in the video games industry think most sports tiles are just the same game with an updated roster and some slight changes.

This is not the general rule for sports titles, as most studios and developers work hard to introduce new features which make the players' gaming experience more enjoyable.

However, from time to time, a "copy-paste" sports game comes along, and the MLB The Show community is afraid that MLB The Show 24 is exactly that.

MLB The Show 24 cover
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That's because no new features for the game's biggest modes, Diamond Dynasty, RTTS and Franchise have been announced when we are just a little over two weeks away from its launch.

This leaves fans thinking that the modes will be the same and that apart from some small quality-of-life updates, nothing new is being introduced. This is very disappointing as it drastically decreases the hype surrounding the game, and leaves many fans pondering if it's really worth it to buy the new title.

If the MLB The Show franchise was in a spectacular place and with no need to make big changes that would be ok, but that isn't the case at all.

RTTS and Diamond Dynasty need a shakeup

The RTTS mode has felt stale for quite a long time now and needs new features that are capable of revitalising it. However, not a single one has been announced yet.

The clubhouse cutscenes have been pretty much the same in the past couple of years. Most of the features that have been added in previous editions are old features that were simply re-introduced.

Graphically, MLB The Show also looks like a game that stopped in time, and that really hurts the RTTS mode and prevents it from delivering a more immersive experience.

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When it comes to Diamond Dynasty, the introduction of the sets system last year wasn't very successful. Most of the community wants to see this system gone or at least undergo huge changes.

However, until now, we don't know if the sets system will be in the game, if a new system will be introduced or if we will go back to the old one. It's just a gigantic lack of information, which isn't normal or okay for a game that is launching in a little over two weeks, especially when its about it's most popular mode.

Will the two remaining Feature Premieres be able to save the game?

If the upcoming Feature Premieres don't introduce any new and exciting features, then I'm afraid that not only won't they be able to save the game they will doom it.

Fans need to see there is something substantially different about MLB The Show 24. Otherwise, this will be the year many MLB The Show fans don't buy the new edition of the game or at least wait until it goes on sale.

MLB The Show 24 Derek Jeter
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So far, fans don't have a lot of reasons to think MLB The Show 24 will be a groundbreaking game, something that fascinates the community and delivers a unique gaming experience.

On the contrary, it feels like we are going to be handed a copy of MLB The Show 23 with the "new" Derek Jeter mode, and some new characters added to the Negro Leagues mode.

Hopefully, that isn't the case and MLB The Show 24 has great things in store for us, but only time will tell.

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