NBA 2K24 Season 6 is Live!

NBA 2K24 Season 6 Shai Gilgeous-Alexander card

NBA 2K24 Season 6 Shai Gilgeous-Alexander card

The NBA 2K24 Season 6 is finally live and it introduced a lot of new content to the game, in an effort to revitalize it.

We have a new Season Pass, many new MyTEAM and MyCAREER rewards, and even a new promo pack called Eclipse, which introduces some of the best cards MyTEAM has ever seen.

Despite that, the NBA 2K community isn't happy with the new season or the state of the game. So let's find out why.

NBA 2K24 Season 6 is here!

The NBA 2K24 Season 6 went live on 5 April, at 8am PT/ 4pm BST. It introduced a plethora of content to the game, especially to the MyTEAM, MyCAREER, and The W Online modes.

MyTEAM received some spectacular cards, such as the 98 OVR Free Agent Chet Holmgren and the 99 OVR Dark Matter Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, which players can earn by progressing in the reward ladder.

The Eclipse promo has also arrived at MyTEAM, and it brings seven new Dark Matter cards, including a 100 OVR Giannis Antetokounmpo card, which has some freak attributes.

NBA 2K24 Season 6 MyCAREER rewards
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MyCAREER and The W Online rewards are very similar to the ones of previous seasons, which left the NBA 2K community disappointed. Players will be able to earn plenty of apparel rewards, team boosts, and new jumpshot meters.

However, what is really making the NBA 2K community angry, disappointed, and hopeless, is that with each new season, NBA 2K24 becomes an even more pay-to-win game, especially when it comes to MyTEAM.


MyCASINO is the best term to describe what MyTEAM has become, a mode where you need to spend a lot of money to get the cards you want, and which allow you to be competitive online.

The Player Market doesn't work and needs a huge rework, it's almost impossible to get your hands on great cards without spending money on the game, and the latest content drops haven't been great.

NBA 2K24 Eclipse promo cover
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The Eclipse promo introduces some great cards, it's just a shame you need to spend a lot of VC to get your hands on any of them.

Furthermore, the ability to pay to skip Season Pass levels, meaning you can complete it and redeem all the rewards in a matter of seconds, makes no sense.

MyTEAM is no longer enjoyable, and you can see that in the comments under every MyTEAM content post, or on the videos of some of the most popular NBA 2K content creators. Unfortunately, MyTEAM has lost its spark, and something needs to be done as fast as possible to regain it.

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