NHL 24 Hut Deep-Dive: New game mode, reward system & more

NHL 24 cover

NHL 24 cover

NHL 24 is just around the corner and players can't wait to get their hands on the new game. This year's title introduces some new and exciting features that fans are eager to try out.

The most popular game mode of NHL 24, HUT, was the one that underwent the most changes. We already knew what most of them were, but now that EA Sports has finally released the NHL 24 HUT Deep-Dive video, we can take a more in-depth look at all the changes that are coming to the mode.

So, let's see what are the big changes coming to the HUT mode in NHL 24.

HUT Moments

The biggest change coming to HUT in NHL 24 is the introduction of a new game mode called HUT Moments.

HUT Moments is replacing the Offline Hut Challenges and allows players to relive some of the most historic moments in Hockey history and complete the most important moments that will happen in the upcoming season.

NHL 24 Hut Moments
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Now, players will also be able to instantly end the game once they complete all those moment objectives, something that wasn't possible in the past. It's a small change, but a big "quality-of-life" update for players, that can save plenty of time.

NHL 24 Objectives 2.0

In NHL 24, objectives will be tracked in real-time, which includes in-game actions such as goals or assists. This goes for all types of objectives, the ones where you have to use specific cards to complete, or the ones where you can use whatever player you want.

There will also be objectives based on specific teams or player cards. This will provide players with new ways of entertainment, and make the Objectives feature more meaningful.

Shared economy

This is something NHL fans have been asking for quite some time, and it has finally made its way into the game. From now on, HUT will have a cross-platform market, meaning you can buy, sell, or trade with players of the opposite console.

NHL 24 shared economy
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It's worth noting that, the cross-platform market applies to consoles of the same generation. This means old-gen consoles will only be able to trade with each other, and the same applies to current-gen consoles.

NHL 24 XP sets

In NHL 24, players will earn XP from logins and from completing daily and weekly objectives. If players manage to complete all 40 sets that are released weekly, they will earn a 99 OVR master item.

NHL 24 Master item Cale Makar
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This Cale Makar card has some spetacular atributes!

The Master item cards will be inspired by players who are performing incredibly in the 23-24 NHL season. Cale Makar, the NHL 24 cover athlete, will be the first Master item and will be followed by Connor Bedard.

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