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The release date of NHL 24 is finally here! Ice hockey is in its pre-season after a thrilling Stanley Cup playoffs, but teams are already eyeing up the next run.

NHL 23 is done and dusted and players just want to get their hands on NHL 24 and try all the new features the title brings with it. This edition delivers great gameplay and provides players with the most immersive experience so far.

Find out all you need to know about NHL 24 below, including the release date, early access, pre-order rewards and more.

Latest news- Best Left Defense & Right Defense players revealed

Another batch of NHL 24 player ratings has been released, and this time EA Sports revealed the best Left and Right Defense players in the game. This list includes some legendary names, with players possessing incredible attributes, especially exceptional strength and speed.

NHL 24 Deep Dive Trailer gameplay
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We expect more NHL 24 ratings to be revealed in the near future, so stay tuned for that.

Top 10 Slapshot power players revealed

Finally, EA Sports has revealed the ratings of the players with the strongest Slapshot in NHL 24.

NHL 24 gameplay
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Some players in this list might surprise you, as we have some new faces making the top ten. However, the majority of faces on this list are really well-known and also made the top ten in NHL 23.

Left Wings & Right Wings ratings revealed

EA Sports has finally revealed the ratings of the best Left Wings and right Wings players in NHL 24.

NHL 24 gameplay
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Some players in this list might surprise you, as we have some new faces making the top ten. The players that occupy the N1 spot in both lists are also different from NHL 23.

Gameplay trailer released

EA Sports has finally released the NHL 24 gameplay trailer. This edition will introduce plenty of new features, that can take the gameplay to a new level.

NHL 24
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Among the new features, we have the Exhaust Engine, the revamped Physics-Based Contact system, and the Vision Passing System. All of these features change how the game is played, and provide players a more immersive experience.

NHL 24 releases World of Chel trailer

NHL 24 has released the World of Chel trailer. The trailer showcased all the changes that are coming to the game mode, and fans are happy with most of them.

The game mode is completely revamped, and the developers' goal is to deliver players a great gaming experience. A new 3v3 game mode was revealed, as well as some changes to the playoffs format.

NHL 24 World of Chel playoffs format.
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World of Chel introduced a new playoffs format!

The World of Chel creation zone was also massively improved. It now provides players with an easier and faster way to customize their character. A new Battle Pass feature was also revealed, but this one left players with mixed reactions.

EA Sports reveals everything about NHL 24

To the joy of the NHL community, EA Sports has revealed all the details about NHL 24. It announced plenty of new features, the revamping of old ones, and some massive gameplay.

Among the new changes announced plenty are gameplay related. NHL 24 has a new passing system, a new feature called Exhaust Engine, and a new control layout.

NHL 24 Gameplay
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HUT also announced some new and exciting changes, while the Cross-Play system didn't change that much. One thing is certain, these changes have vastly improved the players' gaming experience and immersion.

NHL 24 cover star revealed

EA Sports has finally announced the NHL 24 cover star. This year, the face of the game will be non-other than Stanley Cup champion, and Conn Smythe Trophy winner, Cale Makar.

NHL 24 Cover
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Cale Makar is the face of NHL 24!

Makar is one of the best players in the NFL and is already regarded as an elite defender. At only 24 years old, Makar is the present and future of the NHL. So, it seems fitting that Makar is the cover star for NHL 24. He is a great player, loved by fans, and symbolizes everything people love about Hockey.

NHL 24 release date

We already have official confirmation that NHL 24 is on the way.

For the last few years, NHL games have been released on the second Friday of October.

It will be no different this year, with the NHL 24 release date being on Friday, 6 October.

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RARING TO GO - We can't wait to get on the ice!

As usual, there should be opportunities for eager fans to hit the ice sooner than that through pre-orders and early access.

Those that qualify for early access are likely to be able to get on the game as soon as Tuesday, 3 October.


NHL 23 was released across current-gen and next-gen consoles on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

That won't be changing with the release of NHL 24, although there is an opportunity for the title to expand in the future.

Availability on PC hasn't been available due to a lack of demand, and EA isn't changing its stance on this one. The same goes for Nintendo Switch.

The next-gen versions will have superior graphics compared to the older consoles and will also have some exclusive gameplay mechanics and game modes.

NHL 24 pre-order perks

There will be a Standard and X-Factor Edition of the title, with each offering different rewards if pre-ordered.

The major differences between the two in the past have been the X-Factor Edition comes with NHL Points, dual entitlement and early access!

If you're wanting to get on NHL 24 as soon as possible, then the pricier X-Factor Edition could be for you, as it should allow at least three days of early access.

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PICK UP THE PERKS - Getting the X-Factor Edition offers plenty of rewards

Last year's pre-order rewards were solid, and we can expect something similar this year. Last year's content was as follows

  • Dual Entitlement (Copy on both PS4 & PS5 or XB1 & XBXS)
  • 3-Days Early Access
  • 4600 NHL Points
  • X-Factor Women HUT Choice Pack
  • HUT X-Factor Player Choice Pack
  • HUT X-Factor Power-Up Starter Pack
  • 5 World of Chel X-Factor Ability Unlocks
  • Signed Sarah Nurse World of Chel Jersey (Digital)
  • Be A Pro X-Factor Slot Unlocks, XP Boost & Bonus Trait Points

Early access EA Play trial

As has become standard for all EA Sports titles, NHL 24 will receive their usual 10-hour time-limited EA Play Trial.

This will be an exclusive offer for EA Play subscribers only (Xbox Game Pass Ultimate includes EA Play), and after the 10-hour time limit expires the trial will end.

The EA Play Trial will come on Tuesday, 3 October, the same time as early access kicks off for those who pre-order the X-Factor Edition.

The trial will be a fully unlocked version of the game, but after the 10-hour clock has run out players will have to purchase the full game in order to continue playing.

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