NHL 24: World of Chel Deep Dive introduces many new features

NHL 24

NHL 24

NHL 24 has released the long-awaited World of Chel trailer. The trailer showcased all the changes that are coming to the game mode, and fans are happy with most of them.

The game mode is completely revamped, and the developers' goal is to deliver players a great gaming experience. Developers also want players to feel more immersed in the title, and some of the changes might accomplish that.

It's also worth noting that, EA Sports listened to the NHL community feedback, and made some huge changes. These were changes the community had been asking for quite some time.

Without further ado, let's take a look at all the new features coming to World of Chel.

World of Chel new 3v3 mode

In NHL 24, World of Chel is receiving a new 3V3 game mode. Some changes to the classic one were also made.

A new 3V3 casual game mode is coming in NHL 24. This game mode is great for new players and is a place where you can also have fun with your friends. This way, you can play a more relaxed 3V3 game, and just enjoy the game.

NHL 24
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The classic 3V3 mode also received a new feature. Now, players can invite "free agents" players, if there are any empty spots in their squad they need to fill. This means real players can join your squad if you are looking for someone to play with. It's a great way to make new friends and discover other skilled NHL 24 players.

New Playoff format

This is one of the features where EA Sports listened to the NHL community's feedback. Fans complained a lot about the World of Chel 3v3 playoffs format in NHL 23, so the developers decided it was time for a change.

Now, the playoffs are very similar to the NHL ones. You will play through four best-of-seven series, on your way to the title.

NHL 24 new playoff format.
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Here is the new 3v3 Playoff format.

This drastically reduces the number of games you need to play, especially when compared to before. It also makes all the games feel much more important.

If you manage to win the World of Chel 3v3 playoffs, then you will finally be able to enjoy a proper celebration.

Creation zone and new Battle Pass

The creation zone was massively improved, with players having much more customisation options. Users can now save pre-sets of multiple looks, meaning it's easier and faster to change your players' appearance.

NHL 24 is also introducing the all-new Batlle Pass feature. This feature will allow players to earn plenty more rewards. There are a total of 75 tiers, with each one bringing a unique reward.

NHL 24 Battle Pass
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There will be two Battle Pass tiers, a free and a premium one. We still do not know how much the premium Battle Pass will cost. However, it was revealed all players will have access to the premium Battle Pass for free in season 1.

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