Best Sneaker Collabs 2023

Image of a black suede Nike Air Force 1 featuring a Tiffany blue Swoosh.
Credit: Tiffany & Co.

Image of a black suede Nike Air Force 1 featuring a Tiffany blue Swoosh.
Credit: Tiffany & Co.

The last few years have seen some amazing collaborations released, but if you're like us, you've probably wondered what are the best sneaker collabs available right now.

We've rounded up some of our favourite and best sneaker designs that have dropped over the last few months, taking bespoke details as well as any hype that surrounded them during their initial release into consideration.

With so many collaborations with some of the best sneaker brands to choose from though, narrowing it down to just a handful wasn't easy. As a result, there are a few amazing designs that didn't quite make the cut; the Barbie x Vans Stackform shoes and the new Off-White "Varsity Maize" AF1s just two examples of those that missed out.

Not all sneaker collaborations are created equal though, and we feel the selection we've ended up with is a testament to this. From one of the best Jordan collabs in the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Lows to fashion-based offerings in the ADER error x Converse team up, we've rounded up the very best right here. Let's dive in...

Best sneaker collabs

  1. Tiffany & Co. x Nike Air Force 1 Low "1837"
  2. Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low "Olive"
  3. Bad Bunny x adidas Campus "Cloud White"
  4. Haribo x Vans Sk8-Hi "Haribo Black"
  5. ADER error x Converse Chuck 70 Hi "The New Is Not New"
  6. Action Bronson x New Balance 990v6 "Baklava"
Tiffany & Co. x Nike Air Force 1 Low product image of a black sneaker with side Swooshes in Tiffany's signature blue tone.
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Credit: Tiffany & Co.

1. Tiffany & Co. x Nike Air Force 1 Low "1837"

Best Nike sneaker collab

Released in 2023, this Tiffany & Co. x Nike Air Force 1 Low is one of the best Nike collabs we've seen as of late, made even better by the fact it's the first-ever collaboration between the two brands, which gets us excited at the thought of potential future team-ups.

This design is not one to look past though. It features an updated take on the classic Air Force 1 style, with black suede making up the bulk of the shoe, contrasted superbly by Tiffany & Co.'s signature blue tint.

Given who Nike partnered with, the shoe of course features a bit of jewellery as well. On the heel, you'll find a laser-etched, co-branded silver plate to match the bespoke shoe box it comes in.

On the whole, we'd say this is not just a great collaboration, but one of the best Air Force 1s on the market today.

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Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low product image of a sail, off-white, olive, and black low-top Jordan 1 featuring red Nike branding on the tongue.
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Credit: Nike

2. Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low "Olive"

Best Jordan sneaker collab

Undoubtedly, one of the most highly anticipated and coveted Jordan collaborations to be released this year was the "Olive" Travis Scott 1s.

Following the immense success of Scott's previous collaboration, the "Black Phantom", these sneakers are specially designed in women's sizing and feature a completely fresh colour scheme, unlike anything we've seen before.

Made with premium sail leather and black nubuck uppers, they showcase Travis's signature reversed Nike Swoosh in a captivating olive green hue. The pre-aged midsole, sitting atop an olive green outsole, adds a retro touch, while the vibrant red branding completes the overall aesthetic.

Ultimately, we'd say it's one of the best Jordan 1 colourways released as of late, thus earning it a spot in our selection.

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Bad Bunny x adidas Campus product image of a Cloud White sneaker with an elevated midsole.
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Credit: adidas

3. Bad Bunny x adidas Campus "Cloud White"

Best adidas sneaker collab

In 2022, Bad Bunny experienced an exceptional year, reaching new heights as he claimed the title of Spotify's most streamed artist. His momentum didn't wane in 2023, especially with his ongoing collaboration with adidas.

One of the latest releases, the Bad Bunny x adidas Campus sneakers, is already a strong contender for the year's best sneaker drop. Their minimalist design allows for versatile pairing with any outfit, making them a standout choice and a great collaboration overall.

More specifically, these sneakers feature a clean Cloud White colour that extends from top to bottom, enhanced with added padding around the collars, double tongues, and oversized mudguards above the soles, giving them a more substantial feel.

Fans of Bad Bunny will appreciate the subtle references to the artist on the tongues and insoles, complemented by adidas' iconic Trefoil graphic, completing the shoe's unique design. The only thing we would add here is that the "Chalky Brown" colourway is equally appealing for those seeking an alternative hue. However, these "Cloud White" kicks are undeniably one of the year's top low top shoes.

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Haribo x Vans Sk8-Hi "Haribo Black" product image of a black high-top with a light blue collar and side teamed with white accents and writing.
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Credit: Vans

4. Haribo x Vans Sk8-Hi "Haribo Black"

Best Vans sneaker collab

Vans has released some captivating collections this year, and among them, the Haribo Collection stands out as particularly remarkable. One standout piece from this collection is the "Haribo Black" Sk8-Hi sneaker, which boasts a subtle yet striking design.

The Sk8-Hi shoes prominently display Haribo's famous catchphrase, "Kids and grown-ups love it so, the happy world of Haribo," in ten different languages on the quarter panels. This iconic slogan embodies the brand's values of inclusivity and global appeal.

While the rest of the sneaker retains the timeless Sk8-Hi features, the back of the shoe pays homage to Haribo with vibrant, multi-coloured gummy bears stitched onto the heel.

On the whole, this release from Haribo and Vans is a resounding success and perhaps the best Vans collab of the year, with the "Haribo Black" Sk8-Hi sneaker being a must-have addition to any collection.

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ADER error x Converse Chuck 70 Hi "The New Is Not New" product image of a white Converse high-top featuring a distressed look and ripped blue overlays.
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Credit: Converse

5. ADER error x Converse Chuck 70 Hi "The New Is Not New"

Best Converse sneaker collab

If you're on the hunt for a pair of Converse sneakers that are truly one-of-a-kind, then the ADER error collaboration is definitely worth considering.

The standout feature of these shoes is the fragmented blue canvas sections and intentionally distressed details that give them a distinctive appearance that stands out from any other Chuck 70 we've come across.

However, despite the ripped blue canvas overlays, the classic Chuck 70 style is at the core of the design, helping the shoe stay recognisable. It's a fine balance between unique touches and classic design that isn't always easy to achieve.

In addition to the blue canvas, there are other subtle design elements, such as the custom lace dubraes and "The New Is Not New" branding throughout. Overall, this is a truly unique collaboration that we believe would make for a standout addition to any sneaker collection.

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Action Bronson x New Balance 990v6 "Baklava" shoes with brown mudguards atop a blue two-tone midsole and Black rubber outsole
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Credit: New Balance

6. Action Bronson x New Balance 990v6 "Baklava"

Best New Balance sneaker collab

When it comes to New Balance collabs, this incredibly unique Action Bronson release, known as the "Backlava" 990v6, is easily up there as one of the best.

For those who appreciate unconventional colour choices, this shoe is a standout. The neon mesh base, complemented by silver and orange overlays, can add a vibrant touch to your outfits. What sets this sneaker apart though is the eye-catching lace-up combination, featuring two-tone pink and purple rope laces.

What's more, the shoe boasts a premium brown suede mudguard that rests atop a supportive and cushioned blue sole, ensuring comfort during all-day wear.

Overall, we'd say this is definitely one of the most "out there" shoes we've come across as of late, and definitely one to check out if you're looking to turn heads in the street.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

A ton of questions usually pop up when looking to buy a sneaker collaboration, often surrounding where to buy them. Don't worry though, we've answered some of the most commonly asked queries right here.

Where can you buy sneaker collabs?

Generally speaking, you can buy collaborations through the sneaker brand or through the company it's partnering with.

However, sometimes sneaker collaborations can sell out pretty fast. If you find this to be the case, then we'd recommend checking out resale marketplaces like StockX or GOAT if you're itching to get your hands on a specific pair of shoes.

Although you're buying second-hand, both companies authenticate every purchase you make to ensure the sneakers you're buying are legitimate to stop you from spending money on fakes.

For more information on this, make sure you check out our list of the best places to buy sneakers right here.

When do new sneaker collabs get released?

There's not really a defined timeline for when new sneaker collaborations get released.

However, it's almost a guarantee these days that new collaborations will be released throughout the year as they are often some of the most hotly anticipated drops and tend to sell out pretty fast.

Therefore, sneaker companies regularly capitalise on the popularity of collaborations by teaming up with multiple different brands from a variety of different genres to spread to a wider audience.

That said, collaborations can sometimes be more frequent around holidays, seasons, or events. For instance, we've seen the likes of Nike and adidas team up with music artists in the past to release sneakers in time for the start of a series of tour dates.

However, there really isn't a clear time period when new sneaker collaborations get released, so it's worth keeping an eye on your favourite brands throughout the year to see if they're dropping any exciting new designs.

That said, we try to cover these drops ahead of time on RealKit. So, if you want to stay ahead of the curve, we'd recommend checking in with us as well.

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