AEW Fight Forever Controls Guide: Become a Wrestling Master

AEW Fight Forever Hangman Adam Page

AEW Fight Forever Hangman Adam Page

AEW Fight Forever has finally arrived and, with the release of a new game, players are searching for answers.

With new controls, far different to that seen in the WWE 2K series, comes plenty of confusion as to how to perform basic moves and, eventually, put your opponent out for the count.

With no real designated controls tutorial in the game, we're here to provide some answers as to how to get you started on the right foot.

From basic kicks to match-breaking finishers, we've got you covered for every control you need to master in AEW Fight Forever.

AEW Fight Forever Controls Guide

AEW Fight Forever's gameplay is a true throwback to classic wrestling games and, for those who experienced those classic titles, picking up the controls for this new release shouldn't be too hard.

Having said that, there are still plenty of confusing points that need addressing.

AEW Fight Forever Page Moxley
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RING MASTER - Mastering the controls will help you on your way to the AEW World Championship

If you're a little confused as to how the controls work in AEW Fight Forever, we'd recommend heading into the training mode available in the main menu.

This training section will allow you to hone your skills and learn some of the new controls against an AI opponent that won't fight back.

For an even better experience, set this controls guide next to you whilst training in order to experience the ultimate way to boost your skills.

Basic Controls

The only real controls that are clearly mapped out in AEW Fight Forever are the basic controls, with these being available to view in the options menu as well.

They are as followed:

  • Grapple - X (PS5) / A (Xbox)
  • High Strike - Square (PS5) / X (Xbox)
  • Low Strike - Triangle (PS5) / Y (Xbox)
  • Strong Attacking - Hold X or Square or Triangle (PS5) / Hold A or X or Y (Xbox)
  • Grapple Guard or Strike Guard - L1 + R1 (PS5) / LB + RB (Xbox)
  • Pin - L1 (PS5) / LB (Xbox)
  • Enter/Exit Ring - Left Stick + L2 (PS5) / Left Stick + LT (Xbox)
  • Evade - Tap L stick in the same direction twice (PS5 and Xbox)
  • Rising Attacking - X or Square or Triangle (PS5) / A or X or Y (Xbox)
  • Irish Whip - Left Stick and R2 whilst grappled (PS5) / Left Stick and RT whilst grappled (Xbox)
  • Springboard (Skill Required) - X and Square or Circle and Triangle (PS5) / A and X or B and Y (Xbox)
  • Get Weapon - R2 near guard rail (PS5) / RT near guard rail (Xbox)
  • Tag Partner (Tag Team Matches|) - L2 near partner (PS5) / LT near partner (Xbox)
  • Desperation Impulse (one per match) - Right Stick whilst grounded

Note that some moves above, like springboard moves, require you to be using a wrestler with a certain skill.

Other Controls

Some controls are not listed in the in-game guide, but we've got you covered for some of the key ones that can help lead to success in AEW Fight Forever.

AEW Fight Forever CM Punk
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FINISH HIM - Finishers are the best and most effective way to end a match

They are:

  • Run/Bounce off ropes - Left Stick in any direction + Circle (PS5)/ Left Stick in any direction + B (Xbox)
  • Taunt - Any direction or button on the D-pad (Both PS5 and Xbox)
  • Lift Opponent - R1 (PS5) / RB (Xbox)
  • Drag Opponent - Left Stick in any direction during grabble (PS5 and Xbox)
  • Top Rope Diving - L2 in the corner to climb turnbuckle, then X or Square or Circle (PS5) / LT in the corner to climb turnbuckle, then X or A or B (Xbox)
  • Signature Moves - Up or Down on the D-pad (PS5 and Xbox)
  • Finishing Moves (After Taunting) - Right Stick up or down (PS5 and Xbox)

When it comes to mastering the controls of AEW Fight Forever we'd definitely recommend taking some time in the training section to perfect your skills.

Weapon Controls

As with any good wrestling game, AEW Fight Forever lets you take things to the extreme with the inclusion of a host of weapons.

Here's how you can utilise each weapon in the game:

  • Pick Up Weapon - R2 (PS5) / RT (Xbox)
  • Main Attack - Square (PS5) / X (Xbox)
  • Secondary Attack - Triangle (PS5) / Y (Xbox)
  • Set up Table or Ladder - R2 (PS5) / RT (Xbox)
  • Climb Ladder - L2 (PS5) / LT (Xbox)
  • Push Ladder Over - Left Stick in any direction and R2 (PS5) / Left Stick in any direction and RT (Xbox)
  • Ignite Table - Right Stick (PS5 and Xbox)

There are loads of weapons to choose from in AEW Fight Forever, with some even being wrestler specific.

Weapons can be grabbed from over the barricade or under the ring using the controls detailed above.

Reversing Attacks

Reversals are broken down into grapple guards and strike guards. Mastering the reversal system will take some time, with different buttons designed for different strike types.

Grapples are reversed by pressing L1 on PS5 or LB on Xbox, with strikes being reversed by pressing R1 on PS5 or RB on Xbox.

AEW Fight Forever Training
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HONE YOUR CRAFT - You should be taking advantage of the training mode

Therefore, it's important to read your opponent's next move before they attempt to land the finishing blow.

If you're struggling with that, then mastering the evade system is also helpful in order to avoid attacks. On either console, simply tap the Left Stick twice in either direction to move out of the way.

Escaping Pinfalls and Submissions

We've shown you how to pin and submit your opponent, now we're going to tell you how to kick out and escape a deadly submission hold.

AEW Fight Forever Pinfall
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OUT FOR THE COUNT - You'll need to deal big damage before ending the match

Quite simply, it's all about button mashing. On PS5, simply mash any of the main buttons (X, Square, Triangle, Circle), with the same applying to Xbox (A, B, X, Y) players.

With no skill game involved, it's key that you always keep an eye on your health bar and do your best to avoid critical damage.

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