AEW Wants a Second Game

AEW Fight Forever

AEW Fight Forever

It's been a big week for AEW and wrestling overall, but one thing we did not expect to hear is that the underdog promotion is looking to make a second video game.

AEW Fight Forever launched in June 2023 with a rushed, half-finished feel and the mixed reviews and slew of post-launch updates reflected that. So it is interesting to hear that there is still an appetite from AEW for another.

AEW Fight Forever sequel

The news comes from a report by Insider Gaming, detailing that AEW Fight Forever suffered from huge external and internal pressure following the early announcement in 2020 and then massive budget overruns, leading to a lot of planned content being cut so they could release the game and claw some money back.

AEW Fight Forever
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The result is a strained relationship with developers Yuke's, who are currently still supporting AEW Fight Forever per their existing agreement.

Per Insider Gaming, AEW wants to make a second game and owns the game engine, so could theoretically take it to another developer. The only question is who, and when.

There aren't many developers out there with experience in wrestling. Yuke's was the logical choice given their experience with the WWE 2K franchise, but if that relationship has now soured, there isn't a clear path to another game.

That may mean that, while the will is there for another game, especially with big stars like Will Ospreay, Mercedes Mone, and Kazuchika Okada joining the brand in recent months, there may not be a way.

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